Forget About the Money, Focus On The Experience

It’s widely known that when getting into a Startup Accelerator or Incubator you’ll receive some much needed, fresh cash.

That’s one of the main reasons many entrepreneurs are so eager to apply to these programs. They yearn for that money. They expect to get paid to work on their idea, even if the money barely covers any expenses.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll get in, grab the cash, work as I can on my idea after my 9am to 5pm job, and if it doesn’t work, whatever, at least I’m not broke.”, that’s what most of them naively think.

If you think the same, well… Let me burst your bubble.

That money isn’t going to do anything for you. And if you are applying to an accelerator/incubator just for the money, you’d better start looking somewhere else.

The most important thing about getting into an acceleration or incubation program is getting access to an established mentor network, get to know like-minded entrepreneurs and learn as much as possible during your stay.

You have to start looking at the cash as a plus, as something that’s nice to receive but if you didn’t, it wouldn’t matter as all. It wouldn’t matter because you used your time to learn from the best and get connected to key people that will help you move forward.

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