Frequently Asked Questions for Entrepreneurs Club @ JCC Kraków

How is EC@JCC Kraków different from the existing city’s communities?

* We are multicultural
* We are international, adopting expats and travelers and Jewish entrepreneurs from outside Poland
* We are multi-industry, beyond traditional tech start-ups scene

How can I engage?

* Come to our meeting — more info in FB group
* Speak at our meeting — fill out this form
* Become a volunteer — send us a message at

Do I have to be a business owner to be a member of EC@JCC Kraków?

Nope. Investors, students, corporate workers, CEOs, teachers, NGO workers, entrepreneurs… Anyone can join.

Do I need to have a business that is related to Israel to participate?

Nope, you don’t even have to have a business at all.

Do I need to have Jewish ancestry to participate in the meetings?

Nope. JCC Kraków supports the initative, but the initative is open to anyone.
EC@JCC Kraków is an open community welcoming anyone interested in the subject of entrepreneurship.

Do I have to be a JCC member to be able to join the meetings?

No at all. Anyone can join the meetings.

How much does it cost?

It’s entirely FREE.

How often do the meetings happen?

We meet once a month.

How do the meetings look like?

It is a 2-hours long meetup with presentations and networking.

How should I prepare for the meeting?

Stay open, curious and friendly! Take your business cards with you if you have any.