Second meetup of Entrepreneurs Club @JCC Krakow

In the middle of Krakow’s Jewish district Kazimierz, escaping the freezing cold of Polish winter, an international crowd of entrepreneurs gathered last Tuesday for the second meetup of Entrepreneurs Club @ JCC Krakow.

The theme of the event was Marketing.

Conveying your message to the world

In the first part of the meeting, speakers talked about several facets of marketing.

Jonathan Ornstein, the Executive Director of JCC Krakow was the first one to present. He talked about the process of identifying organization’s core message and telling it to the world. He shared his expertise on creating a consistent brand and voice through both marketing materials and physical space. A knowledge that has helped JCC Krakow, a small Polish non-profit, gain worldwide recognition.

Jonathan’s inspiring speech was very well received by the participants. “[The] speech was excellent. Brilliant, actually.” said one of the participants, an entrepreneur with Jewish roots who lives in Krakow.

Jontahan Ornstein speaks about indentifying organization’s core message

You can watch the recording of Jonathan’s speech on our YouTube channel. Despite some minor quality issues with the recording, the video is very much worth watching

Maciek Myśliwiec, founder of Social Sky digital agency, was the second presenter. Maciek spoke about the importance of analysis of social media and how it helps gauge the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns

Leszek Łuczyn, an expert in digital marketing, talked about how modern marketing can be treated as a game and the importance of building the right team for every project.

Sessions were led by Richard Lucas, an entrepreneur and Krakow’s startup community leader and Michal Piatkowski, an entrepreneur at MOTIFE and EC @JCC Krakow community leader.

The first part of the meeting was streamed live through community’s Facebook page

During the second part of the meeting participants had an opportunity to network, while enjoying hot drinks within the friendly walls of JCC Krakow. The networking then moved to one of the Kazimierz’s local bars where the people continued discussions over the beer until late.

About Entrepreneurs Club @ JCC Krakow

Entrepreneurs Club @JCC Krakow is an initiative supported by JCC Krakow, aimed at creating an open, multicultural and inclusive forum of people interested in entrepreneurship: from students to active, experienced business people to enable networking, education, inspiration, mentoring, and entertainment

The community intends to facilitate connections between Polish, Israeli, Jewish and other foreign entrepreneurs and businesses.

Community leaders expect to strengthen the Kraków’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, increase social capital, and expand a contribution from the JCC Kraków to the broader community of people of Krakow.

About JCC Krakow

The Jewish Community Centre of Krakow is the primary institution providing social, educational, and community oriented services to the Jewish community of Krakow. Opened in April 2008 by HRH, The Prince of Wales, the JCC has quickly established itself as the focal point of Jewish life in the city both for Krakowians as well as visitors from Poland and abroad.

The goal of the JCC Krakow is to build a Jewish future in Krakow and to educate about Jewish life, history and tradition. The JCC is also an important platform for cooperation and dialogue between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Krakow.