7 Days Until Launch — I’m not even close to being ready.

This Season’s Sponsors and How I’m (Almost) Freaking Out)

Part 1: This Seasons Sponsors (And How I Got Them)

This season of the podcast has two sponsors:

  1. Jason Zook’s BuyMyFuture

I bought Jason’s future last year (more details on the exact reason why here) and I thought that since I was a part of the community and I bought it live on the podcast last year, it’d be a perfect sponsor. Jason agreed. He opens the doors to this incredibleness the same day that this podcast season goes live.

So how did I land Jason as a sponsor? I noticed that the his second launch lines up with my podcast launch, asked him about it, and since a big focus of this launch is the community sharing it with others, he was game. Essentially, I saw it from a mile away, made the ask, and here we are.

To check it out, go to http://buymyfuture.com/brendan (that link won’t be working until 9.20.16). Also, scroll down to the end of this post for the bonuses I’m giving away for anybody who joins in in THE FUTURE.

2. Ubean Coffee

I get coffee quite often in the mail.

I’m not being silly. I should’ve called my podcast Entrepreneurs and BMW 700 series or Entrepreneurs and Chrysler 300s. Or something.

But until the day people start mailing me cars, coffee is amazing.

And Ubean is one of the companies that not only sent me coffee, but was down for what I wanted to do this season.

Some of the coffee I get is bunk, but others are awesome (Rhetoric Coffee is great as well).

Ubean are hustlers, the coffee is delicious, and they get what I’m doing.

Check, check, check.

I pitched them with data about downloads and what I could do for them and they agreed to come on board for this little adventure.

Part 2: Managing Panic (I.E. What I’m Doing Right Now)

So, as you can tell from the title, I have a lot to do.

Right now, it’s two columns of sticky-notes on the white board in my basement.

Column 1: Recording and editing every episode this season (roughly 11 episodes as it stands).

Column 2: Everything else that goes along with the launch. Writing these posts, connecting with people, etc. etc.

Tomorrow night, I start editing everything (11 episodes in 6 days? No problem. Right?!?!).

Ready or not we’re launching in 7 days. Click here to subscribe to get the episodes the moment they go live.

Until then, it’d mean the world to me if you’d share this journal.

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