This is what a generation of millennial entrepreneurs could look like in 2017.

Growing up as a millennial is… interesting. Our society has made a lot of assumptions about us, but then again; sometimes they’re right. Im the first to admit, we have our problems, including me.

I started in business at the age of 16. I would of been studying computer science at the time.

Now like most businesses, they’re born out of problems and someone takes the initiative to solve it themselves. My teacher, was insanely clever, yet she could not communicate to save her life.

I taught myself most of the course on Youtube. If that doesn’t yell millennial then i don’t know what does… As a result, i figured out how to make websites.

That’s where was born. Eventually it grew into a digital marketing agency. Our first client went from 0 to £250,000 in revenue in it’s first year.

The reason for me telling you all of that, is so that i can build the foundation of this article. Not to blow my own trumpet.

It’s no secret that there are A LOT of assumptions attached to millennials, they’re lazy, they lack motivation, they lack anything that requires an attention span of more than 3 seconds.

They’re right, but how millennial’s got to this point is quite interesting. Growing up as one, gives me a unique perspective because i’ve done the journey.

Millennials are taught a linear pattern of life. We go through the education system (which is all about reputation nowadays), a measurement of memory not practical ability.

We end up in a 9–5 job because we’re told if we don’t follow our given path, we’ll fail. We end up in a dead end life with a fear of individuality or anything that even questions doing something out of the ordinary.

As a result, most of us don’t pursue a path that goes against the rules of our society. My question to my generation is, what did you miss out on because you decided it was too hard to pursue?

What about the few of us who decide to push the boat out? Well thats interesting. There are more and more millennial entrepreneurs emerging online.

Tyler Haney — has raised $8 Million in venture capital.

Ross McCray — Ross has acquired $17 Million in funding.

Emerson Spartz — — Raised $25 Million in funding.

These businesses are businesses shaping the online world. An example of millennial potential used the right way.

The biggest challenge millennials face, is that once they believe they can achieve what they set out to achieve, they have to learn what a work ethic is.

We have been pampered for the majority of our lives, and when life hits us in the face, we run from it. Looking stupid overpowers our ability to reach our potential.

So what could a millennial generation of entrepreneurs look like in 2017? I’d say thats up to whether we decide we’ve had enough of being told theres one route through life.

Put it this way, if more of us take on the journey, we could do some pretty incredible things.

As always, this is my perception of things. As a millennial myself this is what i’ve seen. I’d love to hear what you think, whether you agree or disagree. Lets keep it calm though, healthy discussions only people! :D

Tom Woodhouse, TomCreative.