InReach Ventures and H-FARM Strategic Partnership

Last week Ben, John and I announced the formation of InReach Ventures. Today we are thrilled to announce H-FARM as a strategic partner in InReach Ventures.

H-FARM has committed to invest to support the development of InReach’s proprietary software and to provide capital for initial investments.

I have known H-FARM’s CEO and co-founder, Riccardo Donadon for over 10 years and have regularly visited H-FARM over the years. I had the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with Riccardo when we both invested in Depop at the seed stage. To date, Depop has raised $10M, moved to London and is now based in the heart of the London’s start-up ecosystem.

I am very excited by the potential of the InReach and H-FARM relationship which goes well beyond a standard investor/investee relationship.

InReach will be able to leverage the spectacular H-FARM campus just outside Venice to develop unique programs and events for the best European startups. At the same time, H-FARM will be able to access InReach’s software platform and the team’s track record to invest and support the best Italian entrepreneurs.

I am also excited to announce that as part of our strategic relationship, I will join H-FARM as Head of the Investment Division where I will provide guidance on H-FARM’s investments in the Italian tech startup scene and be part of Riccardo’s entrepreneurial journey. Our Investment strategy will be based on two pillars:

1 — European investments

To be led by InReach Ventures and, as written in a previous post, our commitment is to discover and fund the best European entrepreneurs.

2 — Italian investments

To be led by H-FARM directly with focus on both Italian founders with global ambitions and local opportunities.

I left Italy when I was 23, and to now lead H-FARM’s Investment Division is a unique opportunity for me to support my home country while working with Riccardo and his spectacular management team including Paolo Cuniberti, Carlo Carraro and Cristina Mollis.

At the same time, H-FARM’s investment in InReach Ventures is a superb way to satisfy my entrepreneurial drive and, together with Ben and John develop a new model to unleash the potential of the European tech ecosystem.