Why Every Entrepreneur Should See “John Wick”

Keanu Reeves lastest flick offers a great lesson for entrepreneurs. It’s also a good action film.

A quick summary of the film can be had from the trailer.

So, you watched the trailer. Right? From it you can glean the lesson I am talking about in this film. But you have to see the film to appreciate it.

Yes, yes. I see you sitting there in Seattle with your hand up. You want to know what is the lesson. Before I get to that…

When each of us works on a task, be it a project for a client, doing paperwork, preparing for a presentation, launching a new product….whatever it might be… how focused are on the matter at hand? How easily does something interfere with your work. A phone call unrelated to what you are doing? A family member or friend wanting your attention? A new shiny object that pulls your attention away from what you are doing?

Or, perhaps the worse thing that can happen, you log onto the web, surf and fall into something like Facebook?

Getting the point? It’s easy to get distracted. It’s much more difficult to remain focused. To be disciplined. In short, this is why most people are not good at what they do.

Or, why they could become better with discipline.

There is a quote in the movie where the primary antagonist, a Russian mob boss, says that what makes Wick so good and dangerous is his sole focus ont he task at hand.

Complete focus and committment on your work. That is the lesson this movie offers. And it teaches it great, B-movie action with wit.

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