Sharing skills in a circular education era

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I believe and I know that I´m privileged.

I have a bachelor, a specialization, a master, a PhD…so I have an academic education. I also had the opportunity to do several short courses about different topics from innovation, to beer production, to biotech, to sommelier.

But I also believe that we are living in a circular education era. What does that mean?

That means that skills and knowledge need to go around, go to new people, go to everyone, be accessible, be available, be public…

For me, the fun part to have knowledge is to be able to share it with others.

And that is the reason I founded The Valkyrie Endeavour.

Valkyrie logo

The Valkyrie Endeavour is an NGO, focused on feminine empowerment through a 3 C approach: courses, coaching, and content.

Today we have 3 free online courses:

  1. First Questions, Start Your Business Series
  2. The First Steps to Public Speaking
  3. Impostor Syndrome

I´m still working to develop more courses but the reason why I´m saying this here is to ask you for a favor:

Please share your skills!

When you share your skills, you can have a positive impact on the world, in someone´s life, in the future.

There is nothing more beautiful than teaching, than sharing, than helping.

So, please, next time you learn something new, share it!



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Sah. V. Lasso

Sah. V. Lasso

Curious and focused as a cat with a laser. Expert in jumping out from the comfort zone by doing things I´m not good at! Publishing here since Sep 20, 2017.