The Future of Growing Startups
Ali Mese

Ah, the magic words — Growth Hacking, the wonders of all marketing that will drive in customers who are dying to buy “the product” in rapid order with minimal effort.

Growth hacking is a myth.

Marketing starts with a great product that is data driven where you in hand, create a scalable, repeatable process. Its the marketers dream to let your campaign run on autopilot, so you can focus on being creative, testing and optimizing.

Buy cycles are no longer direct and linear. Buy cycles are complex. Marketing campaigns are simply one touch-point that are continually optimized, improved and tailored.

Today, the consumer rules and brands need to work with the consumer to drive value. Without value, you are just another name lost in the sea of names, URL’s, social media profiles to be discarded for the next hot thing.

Value is a long term proposition that takes time, effort and an action plan to create, propagate and deliver to both the brand and the consumer. Value takes many forms depending on your target audience.

Great brands understand consumers pain points and show them benefits that fill this need. Some do it with engagement that both entertainment and challenges — e.g. Red Bull, others with threats of harm if you don’t buy this your pain will continue e.g. many pharmaceuticals and over the counter pain remedies and the ethic brands use engagement that invites the consumer to interact directly with the brand e.g. Sharpie, Duck Tape and similar.

Once you have a clear value proposition that can be analyzed and tested and improved to optimize then, it time to engage the consumer with added marketing channels with an extra push with added touch point.

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