Building A Kingdom — Not An Empire

Something to ponder upon………..

As entrepreneurs, we might often look upon our journeys & goals as “Building An Empire”. Many of us use it as our catch phrases to remind ourselves & those around us of what we are up to in life. Each of one of us have a different view of what our empire looks like.

One huge business.

Multiple small businesses

Multiple streams of passive income

A portfolio of properties

A wallet full of bitcoin

Or, any combination or all of the above.

Nothing wrong or right with anyones definition. But very rarely is “the empire” looked at like a kingdom. As the quote states — “A true kings success is the success of his people.” We usually view building the empire as acquiring money or things. That then defines our success.

What if our success was the success of those around us? What if your empire was built not on “collecting” streams of income, but your income was a result of collaborating streams of other peoples incomes?

I could say much more, but I prefer to leave this short to get you thinking. :)

Enjoy pondering.


Disclaimer — Whilst the biggest part of me writing this was a reflection of my own thoughts, philosophies to my own life, & musings for myself — I use the term “King” with the intention of this piece being an analogy without gender bias. I know just as many women building kingdoms that this relates to as much as any of the men who will read this. So don’t go all PC on me. :)

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