What Is Success Anyway?

We all want success. It’s our human nature. Of course, on the spiritual journey, we realise that true success is not reaching our goals as we once thought. True success is falling in love with the process & having gratitude for what we have in each moment. Essentially, ascending beyond the “need” to achieve.

That can be a tough contrast to grasp. Especially when we’ve had it drilled into us to set goals & do whatever it takes to reach them. Let me dig into that a little -

It’s the paradoxical duality of existence. How to still strive for achieving our external goals, whilst being content in each moment with what we have. Man has been been pondering this for thousands of years. Having the external, all the while, never “needing” it.

I’ve never met any human who really has this nailed. And I think not being able to is part of the chaotic beauty of being a spiritual soul in a human body. Perhaps this could even be enlightenment? Being evenly at peace with either side of duality. At the very least, this is where flow happens.

I find myself going through cycles. Leaning from one side to the other like a see-saw. Working on spirit. Then working on outward success. I think over time, the ride gets smoother. The ups & downs get less. The “working on myself” becomes less like work over time, & more like just “acceptance”. As the two start to blend together more as one, I think we find both inner peace & abundance.

But one thing I’ve come to learn is, this journey of betterment & fulfilment is certainly never ending. On one side of the coin, true success is not in being a spiritual guru & ascending to the heavens — I think the only way to do that is in fleeting moments of spiritual practices, or perhaps dying. Prefer not to try this one just yet. :)

On the other side of the same coin, reaching your external career & financial goals, & acquiring all the the nice things life are wonderful, but without the abundance of spirit, you may have brief moments of happiness, but there can be no fulfilment.

At the end of the day, in this journey called life — There is no place to arrive at. There is no particular milestone to achieve. No matter how much the mind loves to conceive that to be the case.

Real success is falling in love with the journey, the process, & everything that goes with it. The pain, the heartache, the big wins, the mundane — EVERYTHING!

If you can nail that, that’s where flow & abundance happens. This is ultimately then where you can have all the wonderful external gifts of life. But the paradox is, at this point, you no longer “need” the external.

And so continues, the wonderful paradoxical cycle of duality. Strap yourself in beautiful human -You’re in for a ride!!!