We want people to get a different perspective when at sea with #EntrepreneurShipOne. Either high above sea level or far below. We belive if people meet at sea, explore it from all angles, new ideas will emerge. We are therefor working with the great people from the Norwegian “drone” startups Staaker and blueye to make the sea accessible for all. The ship will be equipped with the latest nordic tech, and be a floating startup laboratory as well as a #payforward platform.

The blueye viewfinder on your iPhone, when submerged below the #EntrepreneurShipOne

We are therefor proud that we will have the blueye PioneerTwo onboard as soon as the first test unites are avaible. If you are lucky you might even sail with Christine Spiten (co-founder of blueye) if you join one of our voyages in the Oslo Fjord this spring.

PioneerTwo soon onboard #EntrepreneurShipOne