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Afghanistan: in Kabul, Evacuations Continue Despite Fear of Attacks

The attack claimed by Daesh at the airport in Kabul (Afghanistan), Thursday August 26, left at least 85 dead, including 13 American soldiers. Evacuation operations resumed on Friday, despite fears of further deadly actions.

At the hospital, an interpreter injured in the attack at the Kabul airport (Afghanistan), Thursday, August 26, said: “ I fell into the stream. I thought I was the only one still alive. . There were dozens of people dead in the canal. According to the Pentagon, a single suicide bomber blew himself up in front of one of the gates to the airport. The explosion killed at least 85 people, including 13 American soldiers and two British soldiers, as well as many missing. The Afghan branch of Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack, which the Taliban condemned.

More than 5,000 people are still to be evacuated

As of Friday, on the tarmac, the line to board the American planes resumed. Near the 5400 people waiting to leave, according to the Pentagon. On the outskirts of the airport, hundreds of Afghan, candidates initially have come to try their luck despite the danger. The United States has promised to continue the evacuations until the last moment, but the August 31 deadline is approaching. Most of the countries completed their operation on Friday evening.

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