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Enterprises Easily Integrate Kubernetes… Neglecting Security

A global study by Veritas Technologies reveals that the majority of organizations are not sufficiently prepared to deal with threats against their Kubernetes environments.

Being aware of identified risks is one thing. Implementing solutions is another! This is the case for Kubernetes environments whose success is well established.

On the one hand, 89% of respondents to this survey say that ransomware attacks are a problem for their organizations.

But on the other hand, only a third party that has deployed this solution has protection in place to help mitigate incidents of data loss. However, ransomware attacks on Linux-based multi-cloud environments are increasing both in volume and sophistication, according to research from VMware.

The situation in the US is slightly better with 42% saying they have data protection in place for their Kubernetes environments.

However, half of US respondents — in organizations that have deployed Kubernetes — say they have experienced a ransomware attack on their containerized environments, compared to 48% globally.

The problem is limited to organizations that have deployed Kubernetes, or 42% in the United States, according to the survey. It could become widespread, as 56% of American organizations say they want to deploy this technology in the next five years.

“Kubernetes is easy for organizations to deploy, and rapidly improves affordability, flexibility, and scalability,” said Anthony Cusimano, Kubernetes expert at Veritas.

“But because deployment is so simple, organizations can easily leapfrog faster with their Kubernetes implementation than their Kubernetes protection!” »

The news isn’t all bad, however. US companies say they plan to increase spending on containerized data protection.

They will average $194,469 to $496,313 over the next five years, an increase of 155%. Globally, companies plan to spend 49% more in this area.

“Organizations clearly understand the value of protecting the critical data they use in their Kubernetes environments,” said Anthony Cusimano.

“However, too many organizations are missing out on the simple solution to extend their current data protection to their Kubernetes environments today.

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