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Error 0x8004210A in Outlook- Here is the Solution

If you are looking for a Solution to Outlook Error 0x8004210A “Operation timed out server response time” In this article, you will find several methods to be able to fix this annoying error and continue using Outlook as usual.

Microsoft Outlook is extremely useful and comfortable. We use it to send and receive emails, obviously, when we have to face errors like 0x8004210A we get frustrated and have to waste time to find a solution.

The idea of ​​this article is that you find a Solution to Error 0x8004210A in Outlook quickly and you can continue with your routine within minutes.

Outlook Error 0x8004210A: Operation timed out from the server

This error occurs when Microsoft Outlook cannot establish a connection to the mail server. In many cases, it is solved by temporarily disabling the antivirus. If this is not your case, we will explore other solutions.

Check your internet connection

We know this might be something pretty basic, but you shouldn’t rule it out. Actually, you can browse without any problem, maybe your connection is slower than usual, error 0x8004210A might appear when the internet is working too slow, not necessarily only when you have no connection.

Therefore, you should perform a speed test to verify that you have the speed that you contracted with your ISP.

Create another Windows user profile

Sometimes creating a new Windows user profile is a quick and easy solution. It’s not too complicated and we can see if it makes a difference in fixing the problem.

Clear password cache to fix error 0x8004210A in Outlook

Another possible solution to this problem is to clear Microsoft / Outlook credentials. For this, we will have to enter the Windows “Control Panel” and configure it to see the large icons in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now we will have to look for the option “User Accounts”. In this new window, we will have to select “Manage your identifiers”. Here we will need to select “Windows Credentials” and you will see a list of credentials which are the ones that have been saved for network shares or a remote desktop connection.

Click the drop-down menu for the credentials you want to remove, then simply choose “Remove.” Then we’ll have to do the same with the rest of the credentials.

When we’re done, we need to close everything and then restart the computer. Now we check if we have found the solution to the error 0x8004210A in Outlook.

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