How to Delete your Facebook Account Permanently

How to delete your Facebook account permanently? Follow the procedure, taking care to recover all of your Facebook data beforehand. Download your data first and delete your Facebook account. We’ll explain everything here:

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, read the following:

Many people want to turn the page of social networks and permanently delete their Facebook account among others. However, for many, it is the way of the cross, although Facebook offers its help online on the subject.

Let’s just take these elements and see how it’s possible to delete your Facebook account definitely by following these tips.

Do not forget that you will not be able to reactivate your Facebook account, nor to recover your contents after its definitive deletion.

Recover your data before deleting your Facebook account

Before you permanently delete your Facebook account, I strongly advise you to download your archives, including all your publications and interactions since your registration.

In case something could harm you or if you simply want to recover a state of all your information, it is good to obtain these archives just in case. It is also very common to forget what we could post on Facebook at certain periods of his life.

Even if the deletion of some of your data has been done over your years spent on the social network, you will be surprised to see them revive within your archive received.

Once you have recovered your archive, you can delete your Facebook account.

More about downloading your Facebook data: Get a copy of your information

The procedure to follow to download your data:

The request to download your information is done from your Facebook settings. Here’s how to get a copy of your data to download:

  1. Click on the pictogram at the top right from any Facebook page and then select Settings.
  2. Now click on Download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom of the menu »General settings of your account«.
  3. Finish by clicking Create my archive.

What will this Facebook archive contain?

The archive that you will recover before deleting your Facebook account, will contain all of your publications as well as photos and videos that you have shared on the social network. A way to immerse yourself in memories, but also the ability to keep track of everything you’ve been able to share on Facebook for x years.

You will also have all your messages within this archive, your instant chats as well as all the information entered in the section about your Facebook account.To find out more about your data: Access your Facebook data

Facebook also recommends that you protect your recovered data in case you want to transfer them, or possibly save them to another service. Keep your data safe if they are sensitive.

How to delete your Facebook account permanently?

Now let’s see how to delete his Facebook account. Remember first that permanently delete his Facebook account, will deprive you of its possible reactivation and all the data shared since your registration … or the interest of recovering them beforehand.

If you’re ready to go here:

Log in to your Facebook account and click here: Delete my Facebook account

A window will open (screenshot below) through which it will be necessary to reread the explanations because it will eventually report Facebook applications if you have created via the Facebook platform Developer for x reasons.

You can click one more time on Learn more about Facebook account deletion before clicking Remove My Account. If so far you have had no regrets, it’s time to click on the button Delete my Facebook account.

Warning! Delete his Facebook account request max 90 days

For info, the removal of your Facebook account is not done overnight, but no one can be able to know or see that someone is removing his Facebook account.

The profile of the person can be visited by friends during this period of time when Facebook will delete all of its data.

If you delete your Facebook account, the longest phase will be the wait during which you will not have to log in to your account, otherwise, you will reactivate it. Facebook announces that 90 days (3 months anyway) maximum will be needed at most, to complete the process of deleting the account and thus delete all the data such as:

  • Publications
  • pics
  • Articles
  • Saved data …

Please note that some data will not be erased and will remain on Facebook, including all messages exchanged with your friends. They will keep all the exchanges they had with you.

Is your Facebook account removed?

What might be tempting would be to try to log in to his Facebook account to ensure this removal check. Do not do it because Facebook could bring up a message … good to see you again Max!

Rather, make a request to your friends trying to go to your profile, or do a Google search to check if access to your Facebook account is closed and more available to the public.

If there is any information on Google, it will also allow Google robots time to update the removal of your Facebook account in the search results.

You are free and ready to enjoy life without Facebook!

Originally published at Entrepreneur News and Startup Guide.