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How to Improve Your Google Rankings? 5 Effective Tips

Top Google rankings are very crucial for online businesses, and it would not be wrong to say that they are the pillars of success for every online business.

The era we live in is so adaptive to the changing aptitudes of the world. Every business considers it significant to have their online appearance if they want to grow.

And when we talk about online presence, what comes to our mind first? Google. Yes, we use Google to get information about almost everything.

Therefore, Google is the best way to communicate with the audience and your clients online. We see businesses spending a significant amount in strengthening their position on Google.

But do we ever think why? It is because the top result on Google receives 31.7 % of all clicks. And if we talk about the results shown on the second page, they get .78 % of clicks.

That is why every business is racing to surpass others on Google rankings. And if you want to improve your business ranking regardless of its scope, we will help you.

This article will discuss some practical tips for you to adopt in 2022 for improving your business rankings on Google. So, don’t pause reading!

5 Healthy Tips to Strengthen Google Rankings in 2022

I. Try to understand the Google ranking algorithm

If you want to rank on the top search results of Google, you first need to start by understanding the Google ranking algorithm.

You will never get your hand on the perfect ranking strategy if you don’t attempt to understand the inner working of the system.

Google senior administrators Gary IIIyes and John Mueller made it clear that Google frequently changes its algorithm.

Moz also confirmed that Google made 500 to 600 changes per year in the algorithm, but most of these changes are not announced for the general public.

Therefore if you want to compete with the Google crawlers, you need to step into the inner system. Make your eyes open for every change, and try your best to adopt it in your ranking strategy.

Most of the changes Google made are available to us in the form of updates. You will find some of the significant up-gradation of the Google algorithm in the following points.

II. Work on your website’s user experience

Users are so essential to rank your website on Google. If you don’t care about their comfort and ease, Google will not likely rank your site.

And the best thing you do in this scenario is to improve your website’s user experience. There are four major factors that Google considers in the perfect user experience.

‘Website visit,’ ‘Pages per session,’ ‘bounce rate,’ and ‘Speed of the site.’ If you consider these four factors while designing your website, you are already one step closer to ranking on top search page results.

Google has recently deployed its update called ‘Page Experience,’ which made it quite obvious how important it is to improve your site user-friendliness.

These are some technical factors to improve your site ranking on the search engine. But in addition to them, you should also keep track of other factors.

Like, the complete and easy access to all the information available on your site. Don’t confuse users by the working of your site.

Make it simple and enjoyable with the less technical expertise required to operate and understand the functionality of your site.

III. Your website content must be SEO optimized for ranking

Another powerful tip to rank on top search engine results is creating high-quality SEO-optimized content. Why so?

Google made it clear that relevant and high-quality content is the key to gaining traffic on your site. Also, quality content is way more crucial than page experience.

The more powerful the content is, the more audience engagement you will receive. But you must be thinking about how to write fully SEO-optimized content?

Well, stop confusing your mind and understand the two strategies to create SEO optimized content ‘On-page SEO’ and ‘Off-page SEO.’

On-page SEO is about optimizing the structure and formatting of your site. Relevant and most researched keywords are the key to optimizing your content up to the search engine standards.

Google show results based on the keywords user enter, and it shows the top results containing those keywords.

Good title and relevant headings are also important in optimizing content must make use of H1 and H2 headings in your content. Don’t forget to include relevant images in the content.

Off-page SEO is the next step to help your site rank on the search engine based on the content you have published on that site.

Off-page SEO refers to the outside world for improving your site’s ranking, and you can simply understand it as including backlinks.

The more powerful backlinks you link in your content, the more chances of ranking it will increase. Remember, stay away from spam links. They will ruin your site’s credibility and traffic.

IV. Unique content is the powerful tip to improve the ranking

In the previous point, we have discussed how important it is to create SEO-optimized content, but it is not where we can put the full stop.

Applying all the On-page SEO strategies to duplicated content will not give you any results. Suppose that you have copied your rival’s content about the exact product you both are selling.

And you are making good use of heading and formatting. You even included images in the content, and you are just about to go with that content.

Stop. Google crawlers will never accept that content for ranking. Google itself has made it clear the importance of unique content for ranking on it.

But in some cases, if you have to copy some material to add to your content directly from your rival’s site or any other source, you can simply paraphrase it via the online paraphrasing tool.

The tool makes sure the content’s unique by changing the sentence structure of the original text. Now you don’t have to use duplicate content for ranking.

Go with paraphrased content and create your chances of ranking on Google, as there is no way Google will ignore the paraphrased content.

V. Always check the plagiarism before you publish the content

Large businesses hire people to do their work. If you hire people to write content for your online business, make sure to run that content through a plagiarism checker.

You never know what a slight mistake can do to ruin your ranking on Google. Employees are not always loyal to you. They adopt shortcuts to do their work so that they don’t have to make any effort.

If the content contains plagiarism and you publish it as it is on your site, Google crawlers can spam your site, and your site’s domain authority will fall.

If the DA score is low, that means your site will not be on the top search engine result page. And it will cause you a lot of effort and time to regain the DA score of your site.

So why not control things when it is possible? Whenever you write content or make it written by someone else, never forget to publish it without checking plagiarism.


Improving a business’s ranking is the major concern of many business owners. Because of the trojan horse competition, we have in the online business world.

You don’t have to worry anymore. The article explored five practical tips that will help you improve your website’s ranking on Google in less time. So, give it a good read!

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