The Difference Between Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Marketing can be defined as anything you do to grow your business, such as advertising, promotion, distribution, etc. Marketing encompasses the whole phase of preparation for sale: the one that corresponds to the step of creating a relationship with your customers.

Today, this customer relationship can be built in two ways. By internet or by the traditional method. The preparation of the customer relationship approach remains the same in both cases. However, we will make sure to exploit the particularities of each environment in the execution phase.

The difference between Internet marketing and traditional marketing is that traditional marketing includes most offline techniques such as cold calling, wafer distribution, flyers, newspaper ads, brochures, etc.

While internet marketing or online marketing uses the power of online networks and media to reach the targeted market.

With the internet, you benefit from the power of electronic documents. These are online marketing materials, such as catalogs, magazines, articles, etc.

Unlike traditional marketing, you do not have to print media. This already saves you a lot of money. In addition, on the internet, the customer relationship is direct. This means that you do not pass through intermediaries. And there your overheads are reduced.

The direct relationship you have with your customers, allows you to distribute more information to your target audience without going through intermediaries. Communicating with your customers is free, instant, much more efficiently and faster with internet marketing.

Without a doubt, internet marketing is interesting, inexpensive, very soupy and efficient. But is that why it’s enough to have a site to start selling?

Originally published at Entrepreneur News and Startup Guide.