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May 6 · 3 min read

Research has shown that workers truly thrive in co-working spaces. In fact, research has found that people who work in a co-working space thrive at an average level of six out of seven on a scale compared to five for people who work in a traditional workplace environment. So, what makes co-working spaces so different, and easier to thrive in for employees, compared to a standard office or similar? Read on to find out.

#1. Work is Meaningful:

Co-working spaces are typically occupied by professionals who are involved with work for a wide variety of industries and businesses. Because of this, working in a co-working space means that the people who use them are less likely to fall prey to internal office politics, or worry about conforming to set the corporate culture. And, since co-working allows people to meet other professionals from new fields that are totally unrelated to their own, they have a bigger chance to regularly share and teach others about their work, which can give it a bigger meaning.

#2. It Offers Structured Autonomy:

The phrase ‘structured autonomy’ may seem like an oxymoron, but co-working spaces have proven that it is not. Since many co-working spaces are around the clock, they allow professionals more freedom with their working times, allowing them to work when they like, rather than adhering to hours set by somebody else. Plus, many co-working spaces provide a structure that many members enjoy as an alternative to working at home, as it helps to keep people driven and motivated.

#3. Find New Opportunities:

Since co-working spaces are frequented by professionals of all kinds, they are not only a great place to work and network at the same time — many members use them to keep up to date with relevant industry developments, learn from the people that they are working alongside and find new and exciting opportunities. One of the many reasons that people thrive when working in a co-working space is because of the endless amount of opportunities that can be found there. And of course, many members of co-working spaces have networks of contacts working elsewhere, offering even more opportunities beyond the physical constraints of the walls. Everyone who works as a part of your space can introduce you to a contact who may be able to provide you with even further opportunities.

#4. Become Part of a Community:

Whether you are a business owner, freelancer or an employed person who works from home, being part of a community can help to keep you motivated and working to the best of your ability. Even if you are a student, a space such as this co-working space Siam can be very helpful. When you use the space, you will be able to join a wide and varied community of professionals both inside and outside of your industry who you’ll be able to share advice, ideas, and feedback with.

Compared to a traditional workplace, co-working spaces offer more freedom and choice for workers, along with access to a wider network of professionals.

Originally published at Entrepreneur News and Startup Guide.


Learn How to Become a Successful entrepreneur to Start your own business.

Aashish Sharma

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Learn How to Become a Successful entrepreneur to Start your own business.

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