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7 points that clearly determines what does success mean for an entrepreneur

  1. Dreaming that you can start your own business even people around don’t allow you to do so. (I am quite successful at this point.)
  2. Solving life’s common problems. If you can solve the pain points of your life such as paying bills, managing your expenses, and living life independently. (By the way, I am stuck here and doing every shit to become financially Independent.)
  3. For some entrepreneurs starting a startup is a huge success for them. It is just a dream for many budding entrepreneurs to start their company. By starting I mean just executing their idea into a legal entity. (Vast majority of people struggle to )
  4. I saw many entrepreneurs just want to create a solution for their local community or their society such as small NGOs, Non-profit Organizations, and other social welfare startups.
  5. You can’t do everything by yourself. So finding a group of like-minded people who can execute your vision with the same enthusiasm as it is theirs. Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs who doesn’t knew coding, designing, engineering but yet he was a genius because he knew how to get most out of the people working for him.
  6. Finding a small group of particular people concentrated together and they can be served well by your products. And this is the most toughest job for an entrepreneur to identify that group.(Finding targeted customers for your products.)
  7. Many entrepreneurs are willing to lose their fortune to execute their vision no matter what it will cost. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Ratan Tata.



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