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Entropyfi Development Roadmap V2 Hodl-to-Earn

Hello Entroopers! It’s been 1 month since Entropy’s governance token $ERP has launched on Polygon, kickstarting the beginning of new age of gamified yields.

In this time, we’ve accomplished so much. Here are some of the highlights:

  • ✅ Launched $ERP token via Mask ITO and Deversifi IDO raising $1.7 million
  • ✅ TVL of $1.15 million within the first month of launch
  • ✅ Partnerships with Aavegotchi, Barnbridge, Volmex (more to be announced)
  • ✅ Launched prediction games for BTC / TSLA / OHM
  • ✅ Awarded players with APY of up to +500%

After many intense discussions, planning, and ideation, the team is excited to finally unveil the new, roadmap for Entropyfi V2. We have detailed our Big Ticket checklist plans below which will enable Entropyfi team to gain massive adoption.

As crypto veterans and Entroopers know, anyone who says they can predict the future is probably “capping”. In saying that, although there may be events happening that are out of scope from the 2022 roadmap, the team is confident that these milestones will push overall TVL, conversion and for more people to enjoy our games.

【Q4 2021 — Incubation 】

  • Partnerships for Entropyfi 1.0
  • Release of Entropyfi 2.0 Roadmap
  • Community engagement/ AMA for Version 2.0 vision
  • Entropyfi 2.0 Development

【Q1 2022 — V2 Launch】

  • Introducing H2E- Hodl to earn mechanism
  • Testing Entropyfi 2.0
  • Completion of Entropyfi 2.0 Development
  • Official Launch of Entropyfi 2.0
  • Lossless and Loss realized prediction games rollout

【Q2 2022 — Gamefi Breakout】

  • Entropyfi PRO launch
  • Multi-chain and layer 2 solutions development
  • GAMEFI prediction games development
  • Entropyfi Referral Program

【Q3 2022 — Entropyfi in Metaverse】

  • Onboard top GameFi partners
  • Secure landscape and architectural design for Entroyfi Metaverse presence
  • Partnership with Metaverse projects to create virtual infrastructure of Entropyfi
  • Development of Entropyfi game arcade within Metaverse projects

【Q4 2022 — Entropyfi DAO】

  • Creation of DAO to vote on onboarding new partners
  • Allow DAO to decide on $ERP reward allocation across new partners
  • Integrate with vote incentivization platforms to allow bribes
Grugs unite for v2.0!

About Entropyfi

If you are someone that is interested in speculation and don’t like to take risks, you’ve come to the right place 😎

Entropyfi offers prediction games on crypto-assets, NFTs, DeFi indexes, and other on/off-chain assets which rewards users with amplified yields. In other words, you can engage in market speculation without putting your principal at risk. Our platform features:

  1. Zero loss prediction games
  2. Permanent long or short position setting
  3. Roll over winnings week by week to amplify income passively
  4. Fair game design

To learn more about Entropyfi, visit our website and our Medium. Visit Entropyfi’s Gitbook for developer guide and user guide in our Gitbook Docs. For regular updates follow our Twitter and join our Discord community.

Website | Telegram |Twitter | Discord | Medium | Docs




With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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Entropyfi 2.0 H2E coming soon

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