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Entropyfi x Aavegotchi Snapshot Mining Campaign Round #2

Hello frens! It has been 3 days since the launch of our Aavegotchi campaign 👻 The support from Aavegotchi team and the vibrant community have been tremendous. We have achieved new milestones thanks to #GotchiGang and hope everyone has been enjoying our games and high APY.

Aavegotchi Campaign Statistics

📈 +$350k TVL boosted ($1.15mil overall)

🎮 ~TSLA-USDT/ OHM-USDC Games Played

💸 +30,000 $ERP Mined

December 5th Snapshot #2 Eligibility

On December 5th we will be taking a new snapshot to enable more #GotchiGang. Campaign parameters are listed below, we will be including stkGHST holders and NFT holders to mine $ERP. Details are listed below!

1. Top 1000 Token Holders for: 0xA02d547512Bb90002807499F05495Fe9C4C3943f (stkGHST-QUICK)

2. Top 1000 Token Holders for: 0x04439eC4ba8b09acfae0E9b5D75A82cC63b19f09 (stkGHST-USDC)

3. Top 1000 (in terms of GHST amount) users who transferred GHST to: 0xA02d547512Bb90002807499F05495Fe9C4C3943f (people who staked GHST)

4. Token Holders for: 0x86935f11c86623dec8a25696e1c19a8659cbf95d (The Aavegochi NFT holders)

Call to Action

Read the step-by-step staking instructions in our Gitbook https://docs.entropyfi.com/

Join our Discord https://discord.com/invite/tPHpXNCfdf

Go over to our website to try out our prediction games and exclusive mining pools https://www.entropyfi.com/

About Entropyfi

If you are someone that is interested in speculation and don’t like to take risks, you’ve come to the right place 😎

Entropyfi offers prediction games on crypto-assets, NFTs, DeFi indexes, and other on/off-chain assets which rewards users with amplified yields. In other words, you can engage in market speculation without putting your principal at risk. Our platform features:

  1. Zero loss prediction games
  2. Permanent long or short position setting
  3. Roll over winnings week by week to amplify income passively
  4. Fair game design

To learn more about Entropyfi, visit our website and our Medium. Visit Entropyfi’s Gitbook for developer guide and user guide in our Gitbook Docs. For regular updates follow our Twitter and join our Discord community.

Website | Telegram |Twitter | Discord | Medium | Docs

About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating tokens.

Compete for player rewards by earning XP, leveling up, and increasing the rarity of your Aavegotchi fren. Owned by the community, Aavegotchi is governed by the AavegotchiDAO and the native eco-governance token GHST. Summon your first Aavegotchi today and join the future of DeFi-staked NFT avatars!

Aavegotchi.com | Discord | Wiki | Medium | Twitter | | Telegram | Reddit




With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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