Entropyfi Receives Aave Grants To Build Self-Amplifying Prediction Games

EntropyFi is delighted to announce an official collaboration with Aave. As of Q4 2021 we have been incorporated into the Aave ecosystem and supported by the Aave Community Grants Program. EntropyFi is thrilled to be part of the crypto revolution to onboard the next 1 billion Web 3.0 users with our #lossless prediction games.

The $10K grant will be used to kickstart the development of our second product, #lossless insurance for those in the crypto community and CEFI seeking to hedge their risks. EntropyFi will also be expanding our team by hiring smart contract developers and expanding our operations to reach a larger audience.

Currently, EntropyFi has released self-amplifying prediction games, out on Polygon Mainnet. Our protocol uses Aave as the official yield generating partner to reward winners who predict pool results correctly. EntropyFi is looking forward to collaborating with Aave to grow their pools by increasing TVL, borrow activity and unique address interactions. We believe that our #lossless financial incentive design will service our users more efficiently and bolster Aave protocol’s brand and positioning in the market.

Entropyfi 2.0 H2E coming soon