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Entropyfi x Metaverse

Entropyfi is a gamified staking platform. We know that many protocols offer single token staking, and we want to make the staking experience more engaging and fun, with the added benefit that you can earn a higher reward if you win the game.

Currently, Entropyfi offers gamified staking programs for stablecoins. In the upcoming Entropyfi 2.0 release, we will offer a gamified staking program for many hyper-high-yield protocols. Stay tuned for our upcoming update.

How Entropyfi fits into the Metaverse

Being a platform that offers gamified staking, Entropyfi has a natural synergy with Metaverse. Imagine in a huge virtual arena, where you could purchase tickets to participate in prediction games before your favorite esports tournament. Or, envision that in a virtual arcade mall in the Metaverse, you can play some quick and fun games on some Entropyfi machines.

We envision that the future of Metaverse will create “virtual-physical” representations of many artifacts that are currently abstracted away. For example, the interface that interacts with current DeFi protocols could be represented as ATMs or “virtual tellers” in the Metaverse. We believe that this will make understanding and interacting with the Metaverse more accessible than ever.

How you could help us

Entropyfi is currently talking to major Metaverse protocols in preparation for the upcoming Entropyfi 2.0 update. If you think your favorite Metaverse project could create synergy with Entropyfi, feel free to dm us. Even better, you can directly connect us with the community and developers of your favorite Metaverse project.

About Entropyfi

Entropyfi is building a hyper-competitive platform offering gamified yields. Entropyfi’s vision is to transform the staking into a thrilling experience and to entice long-term hodlers with our unique hodl-to-earn (H2E) mechanism. With Entropyfi 2.0 launching right around the corner, we invite you to follow us for the latest information.

To learn more about Entropyfi, visit our website and our Medium. Visit Entropyfi’s Gitbook for developer guide and user guide in our Gitbook Docs. For regular updates follow our Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord community.

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With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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Entropyfi 2.0 H2E coming soon

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