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Official EntropyFi Airdrop

Enter the Official EntropyFi Airdrop HERE

Welcome to EntropyFi, the first Loss-Less Prediction Market to allow you to supercharge your yield on predictions placed, games played, and more!

Why are we doing an Airdrop?

To promote the launch of our mainnet and to gain further community feedback on our Prediction Market dApp.

“Didn’t you do another airdrop a few days ago? What happened?”

We did! We assumed anti-spam tools were going to save us from bot attacks via Twitter and Telegram, but they were ineffective. We decided that any real entries from real people would be completely drowned out so we decided to create a new campaign, install proper anti-spam measures, captchas, moderators, etc.

“I entered in the last Airdrop Campaign. Did my entries disappear?”

Yes they are gone, but you will statistically have a better chance to win without thousands of bots watering down your real entries.

“How can I enter into the official airdrop?”

  1. First, you must sign into the official contest HERE. When you sign up successfully, you’ll automatically be entered with a single entry.
  2. Next, you need to provide your Ethereum mainnet address. This will be the address we will send any airdrop tokens to if you are chosen as a winner.
  3. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you may choose to participate in any of the other listed actions.

“When and how are winners chosen?”

On October 7th at 3pm pacific, the contest will end and within 48 hours we will have chosen the 100 unique total winners. The tool we are using for this airdrop uses Random.org to determine winning actions. If one winner is chosen for multiple winning actions, we will attribute them to their highest-value winning action and then re-draw their other winning actions.

“How can I increase my chances and earn more entries?”

By just entering the airdrop, you get a free entry. By providing your Ethereum address, you get a second entry and access to the full list of actions that can earn you more entries. These later entries consist of basic participation within the community: Playing a game in the dApp, joining the official Telegram channel, following EntropyFi on Twitter, and more!

If an action shows a closed lock, that means you may need to complete other actions before being able to access that task.

“Where can I ask question and learn more about the Official Airdrop or EntropyFi?”

We are most active in Telegram and Discord, or you can tweet at us on Twitter!

To enter the Official EntropyFi Airdrop click HERE.

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With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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