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Entropyfi Sponsor Mining Pools Released on Polygon Mainnet

Entropyfi offers prediction games on crypto-assets, NFTs, DeFi indexes, and other on/off-chain assets which rewards users with amplified yields. Users have the opportunity to profit from market movements with zero loss to their wager by depositing assets into Entropyfi. Entropyfi has released the Sponsor Mining mechanism on Polygon Mainnet on Nov 3rd.

Sponsor Mining Explained

As Entropyfi continues to grow, we are seeking new ways to boost participation in our community and to promote user retention. Beyond encouraging people to play our prediction games which allow users to permanently roll-over winnings to play week after week, people can choose to stake their assets in our prediction pools to earn governance tokens.

Once sponsors deposit their asset into the pool, the assets will be deposited to yield generating protocols like AAVE in addition to player staked assets. The interest generated from the sponsored amount will be donated to the winners of our prediction game .

Currently, sponsors can choose to stake USDT in return for $ERP. The sponsor will receive sponsor tokens (1:1 to collateral tokens) when they sponsor a game. These sponsor tokens will mint our governance tokens $ERP when you stake. More selections in staking assets are in development and will be available soon.

Amplifying Yield with Positive Feedback Effects

In terms of Player benefits, the result is a prediction game with a higher APY for players due to the boosted TVL in pools. On the other hand, Sponsors will earn $ERP in return for the opportunity cost of staking their assets.

Entropyfi is creating a positive feedback incentive model that will increase user retention figures for both Players and Sponsors. As more players are aware of Entropyfi prediction games, the number of people who participate (Players and Sponsors) will also increase. In turn, the increased number of Sponsors will boost APY which incentivize new players to join.

About Entropyfi

If you are someone that is interested in speculation and don’t like to take risks, you’ve come to the right place 😎

Entropyfi offers prediction games on crypto-assets, NFTs, DeFi indexes, and other on/off-chain assets which rewards users with amplified yields. In other words, you can engage in market speculation without putting your principal at risk. Our platform features:

  1. Zero loss prediction games
  2. Permanent long or short position setting
  3. Roll over winnings week by week to amplify income passively
  4. Fair game design

Entropyfi is launching on Polygon Mainnet on November 3rd. To learn more about Entropyfi, visit our website and our Medium. Visit Entropyfi’s Gitbook for developer guide and user guide in our Gitbook Docs. For regular updates follow our Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord community.

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With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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