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Strategic Partnership with QiDao

Entropyfi is proud to announce a strategic partnership with QiDao, A new standard for stablecoins built on Polygon.

Under this partnership, Entropyfi will be developing $MAI-paired zero-loss prediction games. All the deposited $MAI will be taken to market.xyz to generate interest rewards and be distributed back to the winners.

The partnership with QiDao shows our determination to achieve our goal in bringing more varieties to Entropyfi, also incentivizing partner’s token hodlers in staking through participating fun zero-loss prediction games.

About QiDao

QiDao is a decentralized stablecoin protocol. It functions on an over-collateralized debt position model. The protocol launched MAI, which is soft-pegged to the dollar. It has around $150M in TVL, with minting available on Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, and Harmony. MAI is one of the best assets to bridge with since it’s available on 12 chains through AnySwap (Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonriver, Harmony, Cronos, xDAI, IoTeX, Solana, Arbitrum, Metis, and BSC).

MAI is backed by a basket of 33 assets, ranging from interest-bearing tokens like Aave market tokens to regular ERC20 tokens like CRV and FTM. MAI is not backed by any centralized assets like USDC. The largest collateral for MAI is WETH.

About Entropyfi

Entropyfi is building a hyper-competitive platform offering gamified yields. Entropyfi’s vision is to transform the staking into a thrilling experience and to entice long-term hodlers with our unique hodl-to-earn (H2E) mechanism. With Entropyfi 2.0 launching right around the corner, we invite you to follow us for the latest information.

To learn more about Entropyfi, visit our website and our Medium. Visit Entropyfi’s Gitbook for developer guide and user guide in our Gitbook Docs. For regular updates follow our Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord community.

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With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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Entropyfi 2.0 H2E coming soon

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