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The Most Active Prediction Market is Delivered by Entropyfi

Entropyfi launched on Polygon mainnet on November 3rd. The LP stake in TVL is about $156K. Another popular feature “sponsorship” has TVL of $377K. After a week of launch, the total value locked (TVL) on Entropy reached over $500K, setting a new record for @Entropyfi TVL in the prediction market sector.

TVL at the time this picture was taken (November 9, 2021)

Entropyfi is creating self-amplifying prediction games and insurance products using Yieldfi. Entropyfi differentiates itself by allowing users to speculate on the future with 0 loss. Yieldfi removes the financial disincentive that penalizes users who make wrong predictions. Instead, Entropyfi utilizes the yield on the deposit pool to reward winners.

With a better aligned financial incentive design, Entropyfi is able to scale the prediction markets and provide a more reliable and scalable crowd wisdom sourcing machine. Entropyfi’s goal is to make the crowd wisdom accessible to everyone, such that novel financial derivatives could be built on top of Entropyfi.

What is next in the Roadmap ?

Entropyfi will be releasing a campaign soon to introduce lossless prediction games to users at AAVE and Pooltogether.

The next product Entropyfi will release is Self-paying Insurance. Insurance companies weigh probabilities of small probability events happening and accordingly charges people for protection. As such, insurance policies are a form of prediction games. Crypto insurance has been largely under-utilized since no one enjoys paying recurring premiums when they can be utilizing their capital to generate profit instead. Entropyfi is implementing the Yieldfi concept to eliminate recurring premium payments. More details on our insurance product will be released in 2022, check out the UI at https://app.entropyfi.com/#/Insurance .




With Entropyfi, you can engage in market speculation without putting principal at risk

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