5 Steps to Happier Clients and Unlimited Referrals

Monica Politte
Apr 21, 2017 · 3 min read

In a perfect world, a new small business would open it’s doors and have customers lined up, wallets at the ready. Reality check, this is not a perfect world. Instead, you work hard and PAY for every customer you do business with. On average it cost 5x more to get new customers vs. keeping old ones. Even better, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people that they know. Here are 5 steps that will keep your customers happy and have them telling all their friends about their great experience. This means time and resources saved and more money in your pocket.

1. Invest in a CRM

Working with clients over email can be a headache. Looking through chains of forwarded emails and trying to remember whether answered your clients question is a waste of time. Organize and manage clients information and interactions with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. A CRM tool has the ability to record every time a customer has sent or received an email. It can store helpful information in a customer’s profile, like their dogs name. Some CRM tools even allow you to set up email and phone call reminders. This will save you time and show your customers that you are on your game. Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho are a few of the most popular CRM tools. Hubspot even offers a free tool!

2. Stop Sending Spammy Emails

Seriously, who enjoys opening their inbox only to find it full of spam? That’s right, nobody. Don’t send automated emails asking for more. Instead, try sending the OCCASIONAL email containing something a client might enjoy. Ask them for their opinion or send them an article they would like. Personalization goes a long way.

3. Streamline your Process

Time is everyone’s most important resource, we never have enough and we can’t get more. Keep that in mind when setting up a process. Make sure you do what is necessary to get everything need the first time you reach out to a client. Don’t be lazy. Nothing aggravates a client more than feeling like you are wasting their time. By doing business they same way every time you are less likely to make mistakes. This will create an easier interaction between you and the client. Easy interaction equals great customer experience.

4. Be Relatable

No client wants to see you driving an expensive car or wearing a suit that cost $500 (unless you sell yachts). Customers feel most comfortable when they find you relatable. Don’t be a schmooze. When talking to a client find areas of commonality. Talk about your family and hobbies. Create an environment and a feeling that your customer will want remember.

5. Practice a Positive Company Culture

A 2% increase in customer retention is the same as cutting business cost by 10%. Making sure that your customers stay loyal is your top priority. The top 2 reasons for customer loss are: 1) The customer feels like they were treated poorly 2) Failure to solve a problem in a timely manner
There is a ‘right’ way for every interaction you have with a client and employees. From answering the phones to the way employees communicate through email, make sure that every employee displays the company culture. Your company culture should be friendly and helpful. No client should ever have to feel like there is no time for their needs.

Apply these 5 steps to your business and expect to see a huge increase in customer loyalty and referral business!

Thanks for reading, I’m Monica and I work for a Entrust Direct, a title company. Check us out here!

Entrust Direct

Entrust Direct is a title company. We create and share information that helps Real Estate Agents & Lenders succed.

Monica Politte

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Head Honcho @ The General Root, Master of the Marketing Arts @ Entrust Direct, aspiring skoolie, dancer, tree hugging yogi, and I write about stuff 💜

Entrust Direct

Entrust Direct is a title company. We create and share information that helps Real Estate Agents & Lenders succed.

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