5 reasons you might fail at fish farming

Cecilia Nwafor, a guest on Sunrise FM 96.1 Breakfast show, Hilltop360, said there is more to starting the Fish business than ‘digging a pond’.

1. Lack of technical knowledge: When you started considering fish farming as a good business and it became a good idea, the first thing to do find out as much as you can about it and ensure you get training and information. Meet others already in the business and join a group for such even online which is another source of information.

2. Wrong reasons for investing in Aquaculture: Some do this because their friends are doing it or because they are targeting ‘free’ funds from donors or government. Please note that nothing is ever really free. Invest in fish farming only if you have studied it and understand the challenges.

3. Poor farm citing: Locating your farm where there is inadequate water supply, poor soil for pond construction, far from the market or supplies.

4. Believe all consultants or reports on fish farming: Some consultants and reports say fish farming requires little investment and results in high profits. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

5. Fail to use the best person to feed the fish: The person with this duty must be reliable and study the fish to know their habits. Fish must be fed according to feeding response of the fish.

“By 2030, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, fish farming will dominate fish supplies. The FAO is simply observing that fish farming is the fastest growing form of food production in the world — growing at 9 percent a year. Nobody is asking us whether we want this. It is just happening.

Charles Clover,