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How Alexandru Padurariu Turned an Unstoppable Desire to Explore Into a Career in Photography

An interview with Envato Elements photographer Alexandru Padurariu

For around ten years Alexandru Padurariu, who goes by the username PadurariuAl, has been honing his craft as a photographer. After multiple detours through specific styles of photography, he’s emerged as an incredibly versatile artist.

“I was an extremely curious child. This is how I started with photography: out of curiosity and from an unstoppable desire to explore. I got my first camera as a teenager around 17–18 years old and my first subjects were flowers.”

He most enjoyed capturing the details of flowers not visible to the naked eye. He also appreciated photojournalism. “I spent days and nights reading and gathering info on this topic,” he said, “…discovering photojournalists and viewing their albums as if I had felt all the experiences on my own skin.”

From there he would try several types of photography, from street photography to events, landscape, architecture and portraits. “Everytime I’m on vacation I’m eager to explore new sites and buildings — but as a job I am a freelance events photographer (weddings, conferences, parties etc.) and I recently opened a product photography website (mostly for tabletop products).”

“I don’t think I have a particular style,” he tells me. “In fact, since I started working in this field, I’ve wanted to keep an open mind, read and learn from the best, but never copy.”

While he’s reluctant to zone in on any specific characteristics that define his work, Padurariu’s photos all share the distinct qualities of elegance and restraint, without sacrificing emotion.

What strikes me as remarkable is how he can maintain those broad characteristics with minimal stage management. “If that moment catches me with my camera, I go ahead and take the picture. If not, I decide to come back soon and get the photo I have in mind.”

Arriving at a location, he doesn’t always have an agenda. “I happen to find places or things or people that draw my attention,” he tells me.

One such opportunity he took advantage of happened in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. “I was walking around an area with fancy buildings and the atmospheric light falling inspired me to see the place with different eyes.”

Aiming to capture the geometry of the space in perfect parallel lines along with the lighting pillar, he took this:

“The sole splash of color was the green from inside. And then, a few seconds later, the inspiring light had disappeared.” A fleeting moment of beauty, captured in his portfolio.

How much effort goes into the setup depends mostly on the type of photography he’s working on that day. “I sometimes need one hour for setup if I have products [that are] easy to capture or even a couple of hours for more complicated items (glass, glossy items etc.).”

As for seeing his work in the wild, he’s mainly found his photos used on Facebook pages, websites and even as album cover art.

The cover for Moritz Adam’s track, “Light”.

Using this photo from his personal portfolio.

Padurariu is most inspired by light, colors and shapes. “I have a “math” trend to capture geometric things,” he says.

And now, with a decade of experience under his belt, Padurariu is joining Envato Elements as an author.

“I am 27 years old. I am self-taught and well informed. And I don’t see myself doing anything else.”




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