The art of the pitch: how to showcase your work as a designer

The ‘designing’ part is only half the battle.

By Brittany Jezouit

Image: NY Mag/Mad Men

Anyone who has worked in web design or client work knows that a lot more goes into design projects than the finished design output. From proposals and presentation pitch meetings before the job, to mock-ups of the work in action, to brand manuals and marketing materials — there are a lot of pieces to complete the design project puzzle.

That’s why it makes sense that many of the most popular items downloaded on Envato Elements are tools for showcasing design work!

Whether you’re putting together a client proposal for a new job, or polishing up a finished project to present or add to your portfolio, here’s a list of some of our bestsellers.

For the pitch: Proposal templates

Shortcut to a stellar pitch with a proposal template.


Pictured: Proposal by egotype.

Above: Design proposal, a 24-page template.

To organize your ideas: presentation templates

Make a slide deck that keeps their attention.

A consistent bestseller: X Note.

Above: Alaska presentation template.

To help them imagine it in action: mockups

For print and web design (or both).

iPad Pro mockup template.

Outdoor advertising mock up.

App presentation templates.

To get paid: invoice templates

Request payment in style.

Invoice templates (left & right).

Pro tip: remember, it’s all about the story, not the product.

Let’s revisit one of the best (fictional) advertising pitches out there — The Carousel, from a decade-old (!) episode of Mad Men:

Build your design toolkit on Envato Elements.

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