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The most creative, non-cliché Halloween designs from our community this year (so far)

skeletons, skulls, voodoo dolls, blood-splatter patterns, and more creative-creepy artwork

We know, we know — it’s not Halloween yet. But we’re already seeing Halloween-inspired designs from our creative community, so we wanted to highlight some of the best.

Last year, we rounded up the ABCs of Halloween design — from apple picking to zombies. Maybe that’s why this year, we’re focusing away from from the usual pumpkins and witch hats. Instead, we’ve curated a few of our favorite designs on the darker side of the holiday season: skeletons, skulls, voodoo dolls, blood-splatter patterns, and more creative-creepy artwork.

From vector patterns and digital artwork to PhotoShop actions and fonts, here’s a few designs that have caught our attention so far:

💀 Skulls and skeletons

Dirty skeleton 3D render; Skeleton Karate Kid Crane 3D render
Engraved Skulls Illustrations by brigat
Halloween Patterns by Artness
Gold skull 3D render from PixelSquid

🎪 Clowns

Clown mask 3D render

🌑 Darkness

Lunar Moons From Space by ghostlypixels
Dark Caves | Abstract Backgrounds by devotchkah

📍 A voodoo doll

Voodoo doll from PixelSquid


50 Glossy Blood Splatters by sparklestock
Watercolor Halloween Vintage Set by nadispasibenko

🕷 ️Spiders

Halloween Patterns by WildOnes
Devilishly Cool Halloween PSD Brushes by torbara

🐱 Black cats & haunted houses

Halloween Greeting Cards by Artness
25 Halloween Pack by maghrib
Headstone 3D render from PixelSquid
20 Halloween Labels by iconsoul

Okay, and all the other Halloween stuff.

🎃 Pumpkins, witches, and more

Halloween Pumpkin Mockup by visconbiz
Halloween Doodles by Artness
Halloween Collection by EugeniaHauss
Halloween Illustrations by moonery
Animals in Halloween costume by masastarus
Halloween. Emotions characters pumpkin. by fet
Halloween backgrounds and elements by Lidiebug; Halloween — Line Design Illustration by decorwm.
Comic Style Halloween Party Flyer by itefan
Halloween Background Design by graphics4u

Check out more Halloween (and non-Halloween) designs in our library.



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