Why we’re embarking on a #30dayUXchallenge

3 designers, 3 countries, 30 days of UX. Join us!

UX Boot Camp
Oct 27, 2017 · 4 min read

Hey you,

Before jumping in, let me introduce myself and why I am here.

My name is Gabi. I am a Brazilian UX Designer based in Melbourne, and the UX Designer for Envato Elements. And I am here today to talk about UX.

But… I am not here only for today, and I am not on my own!

I partnered with these two amazing UX Designers, from literally the other side of the world, for a new challenge on a passion we have in common: UX.

And what does a Brazilian working in Melbourne, an Irish working in Amsterdam and an Uruguayan working in Cambridge have in common?

Some passion for wine, for sure 😂 … But we actually got together to challenge ourselves (and you) on a global #30dayUXChallenge.

And why are we doing it?

We know we learn by trying, sharing, benchmarking and asking questions! We attend conferences to get inspired, to keep track of new tools and best practices. We reach out to each other a lot when we have questions about challenges we face at work, and we are always curious to know how different companies and design teams are approaching their UX Process.

If you’ve heard of UX Camp before, you know it’s an awesome initiative where designers get together (for free!) to give & to watch talks about everything around UX. Nobody needs to be a UX superstar to go to stage and to share whatever they are passionate about. And, over an entire day, we all learn and get inspired through each other’s passions.

So we thought…

Why not doing the same, but online? So we can challenge ourselves to share our own process, while teaching UX enthusiasts and benchmarking with other UXers?

So yep: we decided to start the #30dayUXchallenge.

And how does it work? What will we be covering?

For 30 days (in November) we will be sharing:

  • A mini blog post introducing a different topic about UX daily
  • A few assets and templates that can help you kicking-off your project
  • All to kick start an online global discussion to share and learn

We also structured the agenda in such a way that we can cover the most important milestones of the UX cycle within the month, so we will be talking about everything from “how to explore your problem space” to “research, test, delivery… and make sure it is responsive!”.

Not forgetting how we overcome (or not…) our struggles with collaboration and how we hang in there among so many stakeholders and clients.

Like it so far? Then check the full agenda:

But, again…

We obviously don’t have all the answers, so let’s expose all the questions too. We can help each other to find the solution.

We are here to share our insights and experiences to learn from eachother, so we want you to participate too!

“But I am completely new to UX… Will I learn something?”
Yes! You learn from UX experts who are sharing their knowledge daily on a specific topic, you will find links, assets and insights! If you follow the challenge, you will be able to try “your own thing”, on your own project, while seeing how we do it on the other side of the screen. We want you to understand what happens behind the scenes, inside the companies — so you can see if UX is your jam or not! And remember: everything starts with one first step and this one could be yours. Let’s do this!

“But I am a UX designer too and I am not interested in the basics. What do I get out of it?”
Part of our goal is to engage people like you to benchmark how we “UX” differently and how different companies approach the same problems! We want to show our process, to hear about yours and to understand how we can do better — together!

So, even if you are learning or you do have experience, you can:

  • Follow our steps and apply the learnings to your own project
  • Share some deliverables on Instagram!
  • …Or maybe you can come up with your own videos?
  • Ask your questions! You could also simply engage with the posts & videos. Just drop your question and we will be happy to chat :)
  • You might also disagree with some of our practices, or you potentially know a better tool to achieve something that we don’t…. And that’s why we want you to disagree and discuss with us too!

Let’s do this together!

We will also be sharing a few templates (such as journey maps, research plans, wireframe kits) that you will be able to use to make this an open conversation we can all benefit from.

When is it happening?

Our challenge will start on November 1st. Follow our posts here on Medium, follow us on Instagram join the discussion on twitter and get ready for it!

I promise you it will be fun!

See you there?

With loads of UX love,

Gabi, Rochelle and Natalia ❤


Engaging, insightful stories about design and the creative community.

UX Boot Camp

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We are 3 UX Designers from 3 different countries, working for another 3 different companies (!), who got together to start a global UX sharing-movement online!



Engaging, insightful stories about design and the creative community.

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