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Introducing Professional Services: Back of the Envelope, No More

Envelope now offers legal-quality zoning analysis and architecture-quality visualizations — marrying our 3D technology with people power.

The limits of (even Envelope’s) technology: it can’t totally replace people

Our massing software is amazing and accurate and beautiful. It knows how to do precise calculations. It’s based on better data. It makes the output easy to understand, clear, pretty, useful.

But our software is like a good math textbook or a bad math teacher. It’s not yet as nuanced and flexible as it will be with time. It’s not (yet) more creative than a zoning specialist with decades of experience of working around the rules. And it can’t (yet) manage client insecurities and pressures, hold their hands through tricky negotiations, and offer advice on dealing with the city authorities.

Our answer: supplement the tech with people

Which brings us to our big news, a relaunch of sorts. We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve now taken our software back in-house and we’ve added some very-expert, client-facing humans to the mix, in order to help our very-human clients with any development scenario they want to throw at us.

Putting the prof in professional services

In January, we welcomed our new director of the professional services team, Eldad Gothelf. Eldad is a veteran urban planning and property development geek, most recently serving as chief land use and development specialist at Herrick Feinstein, where he’s been helping clients in NYC with zoning analysis and discretionary action for over a decade. He’s also an actual prof. — of urban planning at Columbia University, his alma mater.

Eldad and his team can now handle any kind of zoning and development question our clients may have, because their expertise picks up where the software leaves off. Backed by our 3D zoning analysis tool, we offer the compelling, modern analysis that people actually want — more visual, more accurate, but also faster and cheaper than industry has ever seen.

We now handle anything zoning-related, for anyone, any time

If you’re a developer trying to figure out what’s possible to build on a particular address; if you’re a broker trying to price and sell a lot; if you’re an owner wanting to understand asset potential; if you do valuations; if you’re a zoning attorney and want massing visuals to accompany your analysis… Contact us.

If you’re buying a top-floor condo or entering a multi-year lease on an office and want to know what might grow up to block your view; if you’re a community board trying to understand development potential in your neighborhood; if you’re a government agency or large owner looking to monetize your entire real estate portfolio… Contact us.

Our professional services team provides clients with what they really want — the full spectrum of legal-quality analysis and architecture-quality visualizations at a fraction of the time and cost.

We are open for business! Contact us.



Envelope offers legal-quality zoning analysis and architecture-quality visualization at a fraction of the time and price.

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