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Build Your Own OTT Business or Partner with SaaS

Image Credits: Softweb Solutions

1. Getting Started

BUILD: Start Heavy & Tread Steady

  • CDN partners
  • Multiple devices
  • Multiple platforms
  • Different coverage areas

BUY: Start Nimble & Be Agile

2. Planning & Packing the Right Goods


BUY: Get a Leaner OPEX

3. The Long Journey Ahead

BUILD: Plan and Budget for a Launch in the Long Term

BUY: Launch Quickly. Get Ahead. Spend a Minimal Monthly Fee only

4. Taking Detours Along The Way

BUILD: Long Wait Time for All Platforms To be Ready

BUY: Launch Simultaneously Across Platforms

5. Finding Success

BUILD: Launch. Fix. Learn. Repeat

BUY: Add New Features and Fix bugs Simultaneously

So which path fits your business better?



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