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The Importance of Localised Content for OTT platforms

With the global OTT market expected to reach a booming US$ 438.5 billion by the end of 2026, we’re seeing more content creators and media houses entering the highly-lucrative platform for a piece of the pie.

But as we see more entrants in the space, we also see an increase in competition, and that’s where each player in the space needs to look for differentiation.

As we’ve mentioned before, while many factors could attract viewers to a particular OTT platform, there’s one that is above the rest, and that’s content.

While content has been labelled king by many, we are seeing the emergence of accessibility now. As the world is getting smaller thanks to the internet, creators need to realise that their video views could be from miles away. After getting the analytics in place, the creator should realise where most of the users are coming from and then accordingly, create localised content for that audience bucket.

Yes, subtitles and dubbing do work as we have seen with shows like Money Heist and Fauda that became viral hits the world over even though they were created in Spanish and Arabic respectively. But, localised content is the way forward according to many.

A report by Ampere Analytics suggests that platforms like Amazon and Netflix have already seized this opportunity by ramping up ‘local content’ in international markets like China, Japan and India because audiences from these markets are most engaged with local streaming content. In fact, in India which is considered to be a highly price-sensitive market, a study by IHS Market reveals that localised content matches price when it comes to picking an OTT platform in the country.

It’s not just these markets, but with diversity in language and culture found all over the world, content creators need to figure that out and have customised content to attract the audiences.

At Enveu, we are here to help you with this. We not only provide the technology (read analytics) to help you figure out where your content is being consumed, but we also can make sure you have the interface in the desired language.

Also, different countries have different rules when it comes to content on OTT platforms. You wouldn’t want to engage yourselves in any legal battle. Enveu’s team will help you sort that out too and help you match the compliances.

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