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Top 10 OTT Trends in the USA

The OTT market world over is witnessing great growth, with its market size projected to reach US$ 1039 billion by 2027.

And the USA is no exception. The country has a high penetration of smart TVs, smartphones, data, and a presence of many major OTT providers, and is expected to end the year with as many as 193.2 million users according to Statista.

A study from Limelight Networks conducted in 2019, stated that the country’s OTT consumption per week stands at 8.55 hours per week, more than the global average of 6.8 hours. With the growth the medium is seeing in the last couple of years, this number has only risen.

In this article, we’ll discuss ten trends that we are witnessing in the USA within this extremely lucrative OTT space.

Below are the 10 OTT Trends in the USA:

With it being established that OTT is growing the world over, and more so in the USA, if you’re not on the OTT bus, you’re missing out.

There’s still a lot of opportunity in the OTT space, especially for those looking at content for niches.

The team at Enveu is here to help you start earning the dollars you’ve missed out on so far.

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