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200.000 open source products

There is a strong interest for collaboration from around 20 universities research and development labs from Columbia, South-Africa and India. These universities would like to use the ENVIENTA Platform to upload at least 200.000 open source product blueprints. The goal is to get investors for prototyping and monetizing the final products. These solutions can help to solve serious issues regarding climate change and regenerative living.

Solve the water crisis

From the end of September we continue to solve the water crisis in 12 cities around the world, just like in the case of Cape Town this February. In collaboration with P2P Foundation, Stop Reset & Go and oscedays.org, the ENVIENTA Platform will serve the growing needs for an ultimate open source hardware storage. More on this: http://hackthewatercrisis.org

ENVIENTA Marketplace

Preparing for the next phase, we are working on the marketplace module on envienta.org to allow any makerspace from anywhere to become the part of our decentralized manufacturing network. It could prove that the cosmo-localization theory is not a theory at all.

Follow the ENVIENTA project! Join us on: http://t.me/envienta

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