Questioning the physical and cultural limits to growth

Vincent Liegey — OSCE Days 2017 (video)

Vincent Liegey, the engineer and spokesperson for the Degrowth Movement

ENVIENTA OSCE Days welcomes Vincent Liegey, the engineer and spokesperson for the Degrowth Movement. In this event Vincent talks about the limits to growth, the increasing consumption of the finite resources and the real cost of the renewable energy. Considering the limits, his proposal is about low-tech solutions, like Cargonomia, a local community based food distribution service.

Check out this short introduction / interview with Vincent:

From all of the discussed topics, Alexandra’s and Vincent’s theme were the least known for me. Vincent’s performance was unique because he was the only non-Hungarian performer at the event (We still have to add the Hungarian subtitles to the videos, we have to do it). There is a nice French guy, who performs English in Hungary about that we don’t have to grow? WTF? We all thought that growth is essential, isn’t it?!

Vincent’s presentation fixes our wrong point of view. We successfully killed our Earth (almost): we do not even know whether this is irreversible or not (please ask one of the already extinct species). We should have a happy mankind by this price. But this is not the case. We’re still looking for the way out. And here comes the presentation of Vincent Liegey, co-author of the book I’m just reading.

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