We were guests in my favorite podcast

ENVIENTA on The BAD Crypto Podcast

I’ve been listening to Joel and Travis for long, as they are the kings of podcasts of crypto and ICO world.

The style of the two guys, they are funny and they are making reports regularly, made The BAD Crypto Podcast show to become first in this area. People are listening to them almost everywhere around the world, except few countries. When the show is on (when we are on), almost half a million people are listening to it.


There is no need to explain, what a great experience was it for me to be part of the show. Gabor was amazing handling the questions, and I was stammering, as usually. :) Aside from that the show was done, and as far as I see we have explained everything that was significant and important.

Episode ICO Spotlight 39 is available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and Stitcher.

You can find the podcast here: http://badco.in/ico039

“Stay BAD!”

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