The life of Vietnamese farmer

“Hey! Can I come to your hometown” I asked.

She didn’t know much about me. We’ve met the week before as she drove me on her motorbike to a camping spot where we slept with a group of friends. A group of 80 young people learning English. Anyway, on the way we talked a bit and became friends.

That’s why this morning I asked her if I could come to her hometown in Bac Giang. I had heard this place was beautiful and even though I have wanted to go there for a long time, I never had the opportunity to set a foot in this northern Vietnamese province.



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Thuận Sarzynski

SDG Warrior, World Citizen, Capitalist Hippie, Scientist, Polyglot, Storyteller, Writer, Earthling, Tree Hugger, Food Lover, Adoptee & Otaku