Arbor Day & The Importance of Tree Planting

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After all, April 29th is Arbor Day

Occurring on the last Friday of April, Arbor Day celebrates the nature of trees. For many countries, this is a time to honor the most fundamental parts of our environment. Arbor Day encourages people to plant new trees — either alone or as a community. A popular tradition is to plant a tree in honor of a loved one or a treasured special memory.

Thank You, Mr. Julius Sterling Morton

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The Many Benefits of Trees

Arbor Day Foundation has planted and distributed about 500 million trees in over 50 countries around the world. Planting trees every year incurs many benefits, including.

  • Clean Air: Trees produce oxygen, and in doing so, they help remove pollution by lowering air temperatures, releasing water into the atmosphere, and trapping particle pollution. All in all, trees are one of nature’s ways to mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Foster Biodiversity: Planting trees encourages the settlement of many animals. This increases biodiversity, which provides a strong foundation for an ecosystem.
  • Reduce Energy Costs: Trees are considered a “low-tech” solution for energy conservation. In areas where trees provide a natural shade, air conditioning may no longer be needed. Studies have shown that areas without shade are more susceptible to higher temperatures, than areas with (citing as much as 12 degrees ℉ higher). In the winter, trees work to help break the force of winter winds, which lowers heat costs.

What We Can Do This Coming Arbor Day

Though not as widely celebrated as Earth Day, Arbor Day is still an important holiday. By working together to plant millions of trees, people can attempt to rebuild a safe and healthy future for all generations.

  • Support the Arbor Day Foundation: You can plant trees, donate, become part of their forest restoration team, set up fundraisers with them, etc.
  • Plant trees with friends and family: Here are some organizations you can use Tree Canada, One Tree Planted, and Tree Aid
  • Enjoy the outdoors: Take a visit to your local park and nature hike. Participate in local cleanups to keep these environments healthy.

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