100 blessings changing the water in your body, and your life.

Blessings change the shape of water crystals. Crystals change by heath, time, and pressure (scienceline, 2020). We might have a water cycle of emotions, our physical body, and an exchange of these metals and minerals. Minerals and metals can already be in the water and change the shapes of the crystals. They change shapes with heath, time, and pressure, but the human can bring that by praying, being around the water, and have different emotions.

As part of the water cycle through our body, we release different minerals and metals in our sweat, cries, and other behavior when we have different emotions. So, on the microscope level we could see this cycle, and exchange, it is not even on the nanolevel, as Dr. Masaru Emoto, found crystal changes under the microscope, this is the microscopic level. So, we need a water cycle on microscopic level, and nano-level to check how this goes, precisely, including emotions and exchange water, with minerals and metals through the body to the environment, and from the environment to the human. In the universe even planets absorb each other, everything is absorbing and one in the cycles, part of each other (Christian, and Baker, N.D.).

I am raised with “the duty” to share with all cousins, and family.

My grandparents realized we all had to be good to our family and cousins, and also far cousins. They were raised in this loving way, their parents and all before them, realized this too. And along with this came a “duty”, from this understanding of the love people need, and who should take care of who. They were good to everyone, also people in need, they gave all they could, in those days people came to all doors asking for help when in need, and one only would if that was a true need, as all had the honor and wanted to provide for themselves. But they would understand to have to ask and did and knew some people would give, and everyone would do all they can. This created trust, love, and good people. (This is done centuries-long, and as far as they could remember, and their greatest grandparents, the ones they knew, could remember, that those they had known would remember, so it was an old way of being.)

But it went further, there is a hierarchy in families.

  • You are first someone else’s child. And your children your children. If this went wrong, the grandparents were parents too, if that was not possible, cousins, siblings, other family was there and this normally would heal the family, or would keep the person safe and well. As we all were respected, had our own lives, so also disagreements were solved with respect and own space, an own life, and our own choices. They knew we could be just people, learning and growing, but none would just easily leave, as the family was so loving, who would want to leave. So, if one had bad luck, which was rare, this was easily understood, and not with blame to a side, but with space and respect to all sides, as in the end, all grow and need a functioning, their own autonomous lives. Being independent one day is more important than forcing into bonds that are not working, nor real, nor wanted. People are people, not slaves. And the family is so big, it gets a place. Children wanted to be with the family, and because of their needs, and because of the bond, they knew. So, they invested in the bond, and needs, and provided and loved, so you had both. So, that one day you are grown, you can go when it did not fit you, and they could still be proud of you, as they delivered a good child. This never happened, all wanted to come back. That was centuries-long too, but they had seen some things happen with others and in the family, some small things compared to that, where they learned everyone grows up and gets a place. So, also time working on your own things was a logic, it is how people function. They would encourage you to develop and leave the house at a point, to become who you truly are. They believed in a good life, a good home, good treatment, honor, and development, own space and own ideas, and respect to all. God ruled all too, so, they would not be bigger than God, nor try to be God, they would only try to do their best, and that was asked a lot, “Did you do your best? “, then all was ok. The raising involved a lot of stories, from centuries-long with the family, and so you can compare yourself with other people, hours per day we talked, and were encouraged to ask anything we want. Who did not want the games, were left to play and go. Normally all would spend hours listening, and asking and everyone was thrilled when the grandparents and family came by, and we knew we would talk hours. They explained one day God takes us, so you better ask all you can now. They knew that is hard for children to come up with questions, so they prayed to get old enough so you had all your questions answered, and kept encouraging to ask, as they regretted to have some questions unanswered, although that is a logic as during your life you'll have some more questions. So, like with all we did, they would say, “Just do your best”, all would be ok.
  • And all would be oke, also because of this hierarchy. Time with your parents was the most important time. But then you had also, siblings, needing their time. This was the same treatment, everyone was equal, and all had the same point, love, bonds, growing, developing, own space, own time, and they arranged a time for everyone, each had their own time with them too, for as long as that was wanted by the kids. I never felt to be in a line, so they did this really well, all sisters, all brothers, all cousins, all friends, all grandkids, just anyone had their time with them. And we were encouraged to also built bonds with cousins.

Cousins are like siblings, some are, as they are your grandparent's grandkids too. And they explained this can go really far, lots of far cousins are still our same great-grandparents, children, as all grandkids are also their kids. We have a family were older ones, are like a bigger parent. Their own kids had the biggest role with those grandkids, the family life was most important, it would also give the best outcomes for the kids, and would give them their own space, and respect, as grown-ups, and is a part of growing up and becoming. But we knew their parents they loved and were our parents too, and all of them, really far back, as far as they could remember. If my grandparent's grandparents were still alive, they would be our parents too, and they were through them, they said. That's how the family had always lived. We live with the book in the mind, that keeps all their memories, we are taught all we knew to share and collect all we could in there, and that way you always and choose the best, from all you can know, and thus share a lot of what these ancestors had told through their kids. We were lucky this was still very complete a story, wars won, and all their own space and all got very old, mostly, so the book was filled with a lot of stories, to compare your own story with and choose. We could have our own stories with them and made our own preferences in our mind to remember things, but we also can talk together about the same things, there is this logic when you speak with the “same” book. All were human work, handmade, so every mind would have the story a bit different, and thus they trained together all the stories, and with us, they kept repeating all they knew and kept sharing to all what their parents had told them, and their grandparents and just anyone they knew. To keep their books complete, like those collection books with pictures, if you miss one, you add one someone else had double. My grandma collected Vera in the washtub, and Love is…My grandpa collected trains. Together they collected music. They all had collections and saw their mind that way, it can collect.



  • Then you had friends, and like this hierarchy, best friends, friends, friends from clubs, groups, things you have been through together, and neighbors. Anyone agreeing on something is a friend, built communities(online) are also friends, and it was all about you being you. And thus them being them, and you share that, its an agreement on something. Something you share. Siblings can be like cousins and friends, also cousins can be friends. Through friends and cousins, they mostly found their loved ones. It was very important to not intrude on nature and the good families and to protect them from intruders. Respect and true connections built real bonds. A fake band was useless, same as any war, and any force. People want real friends, people really fitting their ideas, and truly bonding. This made life peaceful, true, and happy, and more sure you would marry a good person, the real one. You could have many friends and family, but had one, just one from the world, you feel is the one. No more tries after that one, so they took their time, and their families let them hold back a long time. Because of this hierarchy and lots of people you spend life with, there was not that hurry. They knew then family life starts, then they are not losing any of them, but things change into taking care of your own kids, first.

So sharing with cousins was like sharing with friends, and is special, it is a shared bond, we share grandma’s and grandpa’s, thus “parents”. When all is out, all ran out, you have cousins. Anyway, they can be friends, and anyway you have them, too, but especially when parents died, or you got alone. We can still restore the book in your mind. By keep telling all you need to know. All you wonder about, and share what they would have said, then one without parents can reconstruct, and find a way to imagine what it would be like. What their own would have said.

It was very common to find families with dead children, and parents, and we were having sometimes and in almost all families, some lost babies, or small children, which was common in the human past, but had old grandparents and parents. We got lucky, to have had a lot collected with them. They thought to die way sooner and had worked hard on sharing knowledge.

Also, I was just 1 or 2 but remember my great-grandma very precisely. Also, the last days of her life, when I had seen her. I remember grandpa and grandma too, and my mom, and how grandpa was her child. And what they said. This made me realize all kids remember a lot from those times, and what a few memories already can do in the mind, it can change a lot. So, I am very aware of what a sharing cousin can mean. It is like that.

The more we share, the more we know. Life can be simply sharing your grandparent's ideas.

It helps so many people.

  • Their recipes
  • Their collections
  • Their stories
  • Their ideas
  • Things they said and done
  • Things they wished us
  • Things they wanted the world to be
  • How much they loved us and every child coming from us, and every person on earth

I think, especially the sharing of how the people together have lived, makes us wiser on how to live best, we can choose such a way if we find that is better. We can learn how they survived in the hardest times, thus how humans survive.

You keep your book, the mind, always with you no matter what war, what strive, what problem.

You can share books with your loved ones. And can use the knowledge to survive.

  • You can let children ask as much as they can, hours long, and you just try to remember what anyone ever said. You can make it answers from all grandparents you remember, and what they have said their grandparents had said, and what they remember their grandparents had said. So, you get a long history story for kids. Where they can be assured how their grandparents had lived, when they fall from a tree, or they cut with a knife when helping with cooking, or when they went traveling alone, etc. All the stories kids ask, the grandparents once lived too and then asked their parents and grandparents about, and those people would respond with also all before them. So, you would have the proof you are normal, and all children live this way, and the deep feeling of family and everyone understands you. These can be simple things or very deep ideas about politics or wars. And how people survive. Not many bad things had happened, that was lucky for this family, the war was useless and a few years of useless time, with lots of damage, they spoke a lot about, but they kept explaining all the other years a lot too, as that was a lot more time, with also very important moments. They kept explaining how having a good childhood was a good help in life, and how the war is then just a few years, bad, horrific, but not their entire lives. And how they survived and others survived, thus sharing the tricks, and how to be who you are. So, the wars do not scar that deep as the bad person who started it wanted. And how everyone is themselves and has many talents. These storytimes can be very interesting. And our family understood kids have this time of wondering and asking questions and learned a lot that way.
  • You can learn books by heart, together. Remembering books you loved to read, together, and repeat it, and learn the mind is a book, no one takes from you, this lovely book, you could also, learn by heart. And where ever you are, you hear it again in your mind.
  • You can learn school books by heart, what the grandparents and all you knew told about that, and what you remember. And then, together, with other adults can recall things from subjects, and with the kids, so they see us all remember things from school. This made us want to go to school and learn and compare, again. They knew we would come back with school books and all in there, and asked us to tell us by heart what we knew. And they would too, they had the schoolbooks not anymore, as school was in early 1900, so that was not here today anymore, so we all had to share by heart. They also, explained why they could, none had the money for books and pens, so all was learned by heart in the school, and they would add some songs to this game. It ended in singing lots of old songs, from the early 1900 in school, and because they did this together a lot too, we could hear all siblings and cousins and family know the same songs. A child can learn this way what is in the books, and what people can remember, and why remembering is important, and how that can make one “choir”. Not everyone had the same books, but we as kids could even join them, with what we had learned recently. We could fit in their old school stories in this game. We could understand each other, although I had been to a different school, it taught us all we could fit together. The books we learn by heart are important and can be recalled, and it matters what input we get, and process, good input is more fun output together, I learned with this.

It is very interesting as parents to see what each child does with this same game, and how one wants more of these games than others. My grandparents would say, yes some need to just discover the fun, and that takes some time, others are simply smarter, and early with these games, and that fits together, as all have all these people together adding in their book, in the mind one day. So, one who is late has the smarter one that loved the games sooner, adding when they are dead. Some, just understand the need for these games more too, and some others understand more how important it is to ask questions and collect the past more than others. Human life depends on how well we ask things. Some, just know that a bit too late, to do these games with the eldest, but then there are still older siblings, smarter kids sharing, and cousins, and other family members. They also, knew what it is to be an eldest or younger sibling, and knew how important it is, everyone tries their best.

They did understand in those days more depended on them. So, every child had a role in the home, because it was needed. So, they truly all had to get some groceries, and do some tasks, so their mother could cook, she had to do so much, it was simply not possible to do all by herself. That was that way in 1800 and early 1900. And kids understood they had to do the little tasks, so all could eat. If you did not want to walk to the farm for vegetables, there was none, and all would be hungry. So, they did not strive at all, as it is was clear why all was done. They loved to help at home, it was logic. And the stories were easily told, doing things together.

So, you can choose to do things, while talking.

100 blessings

Just any blessing will have an effect. You need good blessings to have a good output.

Physical blessings and spiritual blessings (Minnicks, 2020)

  • Basic needs. Warmth, is how life starts, with the right temperature, we can not develop with the wrong temperature. Temperature goes before oxygen, water, food, but is about at the same time because soon after the right temperature you can develop and need oxygen, water, and food. You can not live without oxygen, water, and food.
  • Spiritual blessings. Adding God to the blessings, or just wishing good for the soul.

Bless to get changes in the minerals. Also, hydration changes, metal changes, ions, atoms, molecule changes.

The shape tells what mineral the crystal is (Australian, 2019). When we add salt to water we can see crystals in the water too (Etter, 2004). The water crystals we add to the soil (Ryan, 2019), are like natural water, with minerals feeding the ground.

It can be the warmth of the emotion changing the crystals. Perhaps “different warmth”, emotions, into different shapes. As minerals respond to warmth.

Heath, time and pressure change the formation of crystals (Scienceline, 2020).

We might make the crystals ugly, by adding metals, we lose during negative emotions ….

”Iron is required for the appropriate behavioral organization. Iron deficiency results in poor brain myelination and impaired monoamine metabolism.”, but we also lose this during emotions. (Kim, et al, 2014)

Wouldn’t heavy metals that give a lot of complaints, make you feel uncomfortable and then into anger, and other negative emotions? Why, would we lose them that way?

We might cry out our metals. This would be a cycle of water, drinking water, that will go through the body with metals, to the outside world. We might sweat them out when angry.


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Designers, designing environments. Scientists understanding the environment and the impact on humans, and the human impact on the environment. Environmental Psychology is a problem-oriented profession using a mix of fields. Designers that study and solve environmental problems.

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