Environmental studies, including traveling.

Environmental studies are studies about the interaction between human and the environment, and all within the environment. Also, problems in the environment, we need to solve, to have a better environment to live in.

I agree with Aniket, in the article above, his thesis about why we should study EVS, environmental studies. Now, I study Environmental Studies while I travel throughout Europe, I really learn, I am actually outside, seeing the type of climate, the animals, the trees, and the sea. If I studied this at home I would not really understand it all, and would not work on it as much, not feeling the reality of it.

I suggest we create courses and combine these with “travel included”.

A new kind of tourism, healthy aware tourism. Aware of the environment.

New classes for families, to be out of schools early, to follow courses while traveling, with the family. And go on holiday through Europe, through the Mediterranean basin and learn about the environment, learn to solve problems they find. We can make school courses for kids, and all kinds of students.

Courses that create extra quality time with the family, create more freedom according to human rights, and freedom to travel where people want, doing the course their way, and create higher literacy, same time, help solve environmental problems and learn to take care of the earth.

Also, courses that create tourism, with new ideas, environmental tourism, to create awareness, and create more study courses, instead of only a language course, also a biodiversity course of that region, or general environmental studies course, creating your own research study locally, wherever you are.

EU courses, funded by EU, for anyone, so all work, creating jobs.

And university studies to create more studies including travelling, and more freedom in where people study, and on what, using the internet. Developing autonomous and authentic ideas, and personal development at the same time.

When one travels through one basin and learns about it, they might love also to travel to other basins.

50% of the European forest is already decreased, we have a threatened species too, we need to work on our environment. We need to learn all the ways to clean the water and to find all the other climate problems.

We can, when we have online studies for every level and everyone.

I think creating courses like these, and include travel, very freely, the way people want, will make people active. Right now I travel through the Mediterranean basin, and feel like travelling to a next basin and study their environment. I can imagine more people love to be more active with these courses.

I suggest we also plant more forests fastly.

Build a 100-year forest in 10 years, everywhere.


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Designers, designing environments. Scientists understanding the environment and the impact on humans, and the human impact on the environment. Environmental Psychology is a problem-oriented profession using a mix of fields. Designers that study and solve environmental problems.

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