Hypothese: Childhood moment of high fever, creates types of crimes later on.

Particularly body temperature 42 degrees and up cause brain damage.

Hypothese: Childhood moment of high fever, creates types of crimes later on.

The temperature and the fever, and the age could decide the type of crime and moment of crimes and the development of person and crimes later on.

I never had high fevers.

I had to learn since china fever is already 37+ celcius, that would lead to mild things, that are not criminal things. As I have never been one, but had a big gap between me and criminals, and always was disgusted extremely by crime. So, I can not relate well with crimes. Which is good for me and my kids and my life, but its hard to deal with criminals, especially in jobs where none is expected to be one, and when locals have groups with crimes at work, especially when they are care “professionals”, unprofessional, trafficking and frauding. Especially with judges, and also teachers etc. My hairs go up and I can not live such world. But I also never had fevers, as in high fevers. I think my max was 39, perhaps rare 40 degrees, but never 42+. And I do not assume all with once or twice or a lot of times is per se a criminal. But it could be a link, and perhaps with more types of gut microbiome situations and viruses and fever situations, but it could be one. I am so anti crime, and so known for being anti crime, and expecting, because of my normal development, that all raised normal will not be criminal. As science says, and I live that. So, I am then a person to be compared with in all I can be compared with and no crime type, but also the not had fevers, not high fevers.

We would need also one that never had higher than 37. And people that have low celcius all their lives. And people that had high fevers a lot. And people that had highest and a lot of time high fever, and some just once and were criminal. Etc.

We can see if and what the link is with fevers and gut microbiome and types of viruses causing fever and the brain damages. And thus the crimes and IQ problems, and learning problems after these attacks, that lead to crime. We would be more fair to criminals, and start treating them. To have afterwards healed people. I think that is best, so they can finally recover from viruses. If we let them low IQ, cause of virus, we leave them with low hygiene, low understanding, and more viruses and more gut microbiome problems and brain damages. Which becomes a cycle.

So, the high fevers could be a thing. Every illness I tend to have low degrees celcius, but am constant on 37 + to 37.8 when inflammated and by virus, and Dutch dont count that as fevers. I am always noting the low degrees and know by that I am ill. So, it seems one with lower degrees compared to others are less criminals. I note we do also carry a gene the sweet gene. Officially a gene that says me and my kids are sweeter than average. Could be linked to how fever is handled? I know only this, at the moment, as a typical correlation, that could play a part.

As virus can cause brain damage, and gut microbiome causes brain damage, and we could solve this. And could see if people would have less crimes, or develop no crimes. And it is important, if this is a correlation, we could see criminals as patients and solve crime a lot better.

Since I learned criminals are actually medically ill, I could see them as patients we can solve.

Psychology was not a solution for me, with criminals, we are taught they are not the DSM field, because they are criminals, and most with DSM are no criminals. It does not solve much, only the part about criminals, that some can have DSM.

  • Most with DSM, are first of all actually only in theory with DSM.
  • And when with brain scan proven brain damaged, that is a medical patient as well,
  • and most with DSM are no criminals.

Anti-social is, most likely criminal, but most DSM is not anti-social, and are not criminal, and not dangerous.

DSM is no danger, only anti social, borderline etc. And low literatacy caused by low IQ can be criminal, it is linked etc. There are things with DSM and crime. But in general it is DSM is not a criminal, but criminals can have DSM. And people can look at it to minimize punishment as DSM is then the cause and the person could not help him herself.

And each DSM has simply their limits, limits are limits, thus they have limits, but that does not mean are criminal.

But they could be used. Criminals can use people that are healthy to put fake DSM on it, and abuse them, and traffick them. And people with DSM can be used and trafficked. Also can be used into criminal exploitation.

But this relationship between fever and crimes is now a hypothese and interesting influence on the brain.

  • We could ask people that are criminal when they had high fevers as a child. And how high. How long. And how many times. And could compare that with the type of crimes and the development of the person.
  • We can compare research already done. And look for high fever explained, and especially in early childhood, and the criminal outcome.
  • Also, we can compare all childhood situations with crime later on. The way we already compared. Bad raising, wrong raising style, not authoritative raised, abuse, etc. Done what and by whom, how long, and then the outcome.

Because this is not so a new hypothese, but now in relationship with gut microbiome and brain damage very interesting, I already have some research thesis fitting this hypothese.

We do need to measure how many have 42 degrees, when and how long. There is not much research on. Thus we know not enough about the damages already caused. Some even think, it doesnt matter. Thats simply untrue. Over 42 will cause damage, but the matter is how many had that, per year, per season, with what virus season, some viruses only come in a few years as pandemic etc.




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