Psychoweather hypothesis: Smelling the weather and behavior change. — The elements in the weather we smell, even odorless elements enter the nose and our system, changing our behaviors. — Nitrogen is odorless but influences our behavior around hurricanes, and influences us socially, where some end up as the killers, even mass killers, and especially in very active hurricane seasons.

Psychoweather is something I am developing for a few years now. It is a part of my company Essence. Elements in the weather cause responses in our behaviors. I want to make a daily weather report telling us about the influences of the weather, every day. So, people know what to expect mentally. I think it might even change behaviors, people that are now overworked and outside could be aware of the odorless Nitrogen and take a rest, instead of continuing in a different state of mind, which could be related to the killings, as not all kill, it is a certain type that kills during hurricane seasons. But Nitrogen also kills people, thus could perhaps be not a normal state of mind, people not behaving like themselves, which causes some to kill, while Nitrogen influenced their minds. Instinctively smelling, and because it affects smell it affects reactions to social cues, and social behavior. But also in a state like depressions out of hand, cause schizophrenia, or people that sleep not enough can get different behaviors. So, and out of hand situation, with more complications than we might expect until now. I will keep working on these hypotheses about the smell and the weather, smelling the weather, and behavior change.

Jiska Hachmer
Environmental Psychology


“We can smell elements, not all, but some we smell, and we can act on elements we smell. Odorless smells still enter the brain and cause a reaction. If we could smell them, we would have action after a smell, now we sometimes don't smell them but still, get a reaction.

H1. Especially, Nitrogen we cannot smell causes therefor a reaction we do not expect.

H2. This could be why Nitrogen rises the murder rates when we have a more active hurricane season, as Nitrogen comes along with hurricanes, and causes a rise in murder cases.

H3. Maybe the people responding to Nitrogen, experience a different state, as Nitrogen kills people, so their brains are acting, but they killers, acting out because of Nitrogen, are in a different state of mind. Especially because they do not know they are affected, they kill without the awareness they normally would have.

H4. This could be why killers kill during, or around the time there is a hurricane, and normally would not. Or are now killing more likely. They act with a different brain than normally.

H5. Smell is related to instinctive “smelling” social cues, thus the elements that are coming through the nose into the system of the people, come into their system with different levels related to the weather, and cause a reaction. Like there is more Nitrogen because of hurricanes causing more killings, but there is also Ozone causing more or worse depressions and other elements cause other responses. These responses are instinctive. So, the killers act instinctive.

H6. Because through the nose/ through smell, even odorless elements, is how Nitrogen enters the system, and creates a reaction that can cause killing someone, or more people, it could be a psychotic behavior, as smelling things is one of the first signs of an onset, if someone is psychotic. So, these killing types might be psychotic, which also is something that happens more often like depressions that go out of hand, people then get schizophrenic.

H7. Not all people are affected by these rises of elements because of the weather. Killers have a certain state of mind the elements cause a reaction to kill. They are outside, externally experiencing, and overworked/ exhausted.

Some could be simply inside, less exposed, but also the people that are affected, have a different state of mind, these influences respond differently to. Mass shooters tempt to be ex-militairy for example, these minds could be already in a different state of being. I think, it is a “stress”, a over worked mind, that is more affected. People outside, external experiencing, and overworked/ exhausted. People outside get more of these elements through their nose into their systems. Also, criminals tempt to be external vs internal. The overworked mind, like PTSD, or other states of stress, or worked to much could be related, and causing a type to kill, as not all kill, with rise of elements in the weather, but these people can be surprised, as they do not smell the Nitrogen in the air, slowely killing their brain, which they act out on. Also, because they were trained, to do a job outside, or to work with guns etc. Also the person could simply be exhausted drained from DSM, or a situation, also outside workers are more exhausted, because of their physical work. Therefor they do not expect the combination of being trained, outside, or external, and having a over worked mind, stressed mind mixed with the Nitrogen.

Also, men are taught to toughen up, so they might be taught to over work. An overworked mind can cause complications. Like someone depressed, where depression gets out of hand can become schizophrenic. When people are toughening up, over time their mind does collapse. This exhausted state of mind, could handle less of these elements changing their system and behaviors, but also goes out of hand. Especially odorless, as it surprises, like Nitrogen is odorless.

Also, men are working outside more often, raised differently and it could be part of the differences between men and women, and why men kill more often. They do physically draining jobs, and toughen up, then the elements changing their minds, suprises them. Also, they build up more of these elements, being more in the weather. Their mind is already stressed by the weather.

H8. Especially when we eat food-related to elements that are also not good for the mind, with elements from the weather through our food, causing higher levels of certain elements.

“ — Jiska Hachmer, May, 2021.

Hurricanes cause a rise in Nitrogen, and also a rise in murder cases.

2020 the biggest homicide rates, also the biggest hurricane season breaking records. Although the killings were mainly done during lockdowns (Blackwell, 2020; Corley, 2021).

Peaks in the hurricane seasons in the past 140 years are related to world war 2, and the current wars (IS war and covid19war, a biological war).

1000+ (planned) deads is a war (Centeno, N.D.).

(Wikipedia, N.D.)

The eyes of the killer show a direction they look at and tell something about their acting onto things.

In minute 3.29 you see her eyes. Her face shows a typical dark triad face, of a psychopath male, but also a female machiavellist. She could be just anyone anywhere. Her act tells more about her actions, especially her speech and her acting. It seems like a trained actor hiding bad behavior with speech and entertainment. Also, cold, not empathic, and typically a dark triad.

But her eyes showed one eye looking into the camera, the other upper left, slightly. But a bit up, thus “smelling social cues” it means. So, when she looks she also smells, this could be an instinctive killer, smelling the social cues, and speaking about it as internal and external memory, input and output causes speech (Seamon, N.D.), and her look now in this picture is not per se related to the crimes done but brought me to the smelling people can do, and if people can smell elements, also if they can smell elements in the weather, as elements can rise and drop because of weather, and if they then act on it.

(Imgur, N.D.)
(Real crime, 2020)

The act of the killer

From about minute 32, in this video, the act of the killer is discussed. This serial killer has an act.

  • Fakeness
  • Coldness
  • Lost soul
  • No empathy
  • Acting “charming”, or with an act

are signs for dark triads, psychopaths. But we can see this as an act, taught, learned act, also to constantly hide the lies.

We can research workers at work doing crimes, and see the same “acting”. We even know many are dark triads attracted to certain jobs, and teaching others this “act”, which they see as professional, but it is an act to have a role, in their minds, not what they should do. It is still an act.

It is different than an entertainer, actor playing roles, and entertaining people.

There is no crime they hide. The criminal acts to hide crimes. To get things done, to steal, to kill, to lie, to power abuse.

(Real crimes, 2020)

“They” act because of the government, it is a nazi technique.

The government sets the bars, and the workers go insane at work and even kill. Over time they do.

Also, race and ethnicity are subjective. A race is not existing, all Homo Sapiens are the same DNA and same family, and same human type. But we have phenotype differences. But this is very subjective, one can find different phenotypes differences in race, but the race is still not existing. It is made up. Also, ethnicity is subjective, it is the cultural differences, with mixed “races”, or a “race” with more of the same phenotypes, but about the culture they share. Culture is always subjective.

Also, the world wars were based on Lenin declaring war, forever because of capitalism, and Marx, thinking classicide is what we always need, eventually. As some groups will need to be taken away, causing problems, he thought and wrote about. Marx was a Jesuit, apparently, as he went to a school for Jesuits, Jesuits are against Islamic. So, Marx was raised with ideas of religions cause classicide, and are working against each other, wherein the end, one religion must survive, and that has to be his own.

Hitler used Marx, and socialism, although Hitler was a “socialist-racissism” (Watson, 1998, p13). Hitler said: “I have learned a great deal from Marxism” he once remarked, “as I do not hesitate to admit”. “He was proud of a knowledge of Marxist texts acquired in his student days before the First World War and later in a Bavarian prison, in 1924, after the failure of the Munich putsch.” (Watson, 1998, p4.)

Marx focused on the middle class, and the middle class followed Marx’s work. Hitler focused on class too and taught an act to the people in his country.

The killers do an act. The act they do is a brainwash, a taught act. Where the bars are set by the government, and people develop into criminals, at work. They develop “the act” that is taught in their jobs.

(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2017)

It also is like bandura kids experiments

The people are influenced by the input they get. When children see someone kill, they act out on it and kill too. “The kids learned this act”. If they would use this, they could hide their actions with acting.

(Everywhere psychology, 2012)

The scientific laws

Previously Comte, as the father of sociology, which is his study to find the scientific laws on companionship and society, was well known and his work was used around the world(Bourdeau, 2018). Marx changed sociology, coming from politology, but also Lenin declaring war changing sociology, and the usage of sociology by politicians, which used it not the correct way.

True sociology is only finding scientific laws for companionship. Sociology means, the study of companionship. All science eventually finds absolute truth, and always places all found science, where theories are not true(yet) but are theories of what might be true, it can be untrue. Science is a process, over time we have studied a lot more, so get more near the truth. Scientific laws are absolutely true, but also are placed with all other found absolute truths, it is a part of the world we experience as Homo Sapiens, but it is true for all people. We still leave it open that one could one day adjust the scientific law, or find new findings changing the laws, but this is rare, as the science got to absolute truth, and that means all is studied on topic, so we are very sure it is absolutely true. Rarely scientist do find a little adjustment, or a next study, to continue with new laws, or new findings.

Gravity also has a scientific law, but it never changes. Although on other planets we can different gravity levels, and in black holes, physics is totally different than the known scientific laws that count for the entire universe, they do not count in black holes and is why people could go in a black hole, but never out again, as scientific laws change within the black hole. So, we could not even study it. Or we could, but not get out to tell what we found.

Males are most often the killer. The killer is also a lot of the time someone we know.

Killers can be in the lives of their victims for a long time, suppressing their killer feelings. Killers kill a few times, over a long time compared to thieves who feel a constant urge to steal, and cannot suppress their feelings well(Strange, 2020).

“While the majority of intentional homicide victims are male, the majority of the victims of intimate partner/family-related homicide are women. “ (UNODC, 2018).

So we smell, change the behavior of what enters our system through the nose. And Nitrogen is odorless thus surprising us, but also affecting especially more in hurricane seasons that are more active, and some types of people.

We could adjust our behaviors, by taking more rest or being aware of our mental state that can change because of elements.

For example, for Ozone we already have workers in some countries helping the depressed, we could have more help for certain types when certain elements are in the air possibly causing problems. This might drop the crime rate.

Still, it will affect a certain combination of factors, thus could still be someone unexpectedly reacting to the weather, but it can make us all more aware and recognize certain types and behaviors to prevent killings.

We can continue studies on how to respond to such influenced type, influenced by the weather, with also odorless elements causing changes in behaviors, which might surprise us, and the killers.

We can create better ideas during and around hurricanes and Nitrogen exposure. We can create a norm to recognize changes in our behaviors related to the weather where we are allowed to rest, or change what we do, so we can prevent certain reactions.

Over time with the climate changes we get worse weather and thus worse influences from the weather, we need to study these topics, to prevent a crime rise, because of weather changes.

Also, wars are related to peaks because of active hurricane seasons over time, we could prevent wars, by being more aware of this topic and all these findings, and continuing studies on this topic. We can recognize leaders not fit for the job, we can recognize we need climate change for the better, we can change our ideas on the weather and the elements, and act differently with new methods for better air, so we have less stress and reactions because of the elements.


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