Psychoweather hypothesis: Smelling the weather and behavior change. — The elements in the weather we smell, even odorless elements enter the nose and our system, changing our behaviors. — Nitrogen is odorless but influences our behavior around hurricanes, and influences us socially, where some end up as the killers, even mass killers, and especially in very active hurricane seasons.

Psychoweather is something I am developing for a few years now. It is a part of my company Essence. Elements in the weather cause responses in our behaviors. I want to make a daily weather report telling us about the influences of the weather, every day. So, people know what to expect mentally. I think it might even change behaviors, people that are now overworked and outside could be aware of the odorless Nitrogen and take a rest, instead of continuing in a different state of mind, which could be related to the killings, as not all kill, it is a certain type that kills during hurricane seasons. But Nitrogen also kills people, thus could perhaps be not a normal state of mind, people not behaving like themselves, which causes some to kill, while Nitrogen influenced their minds. Instinctively smelling, and because it affects smell it affects reactions to social cues, and social behavior. But also in a state like depressions out of hand, cause schizophrenia, or people that sleep not enough can get different behaviors. So, and out of hand situation, with more complications than we might expect until now. I will keep working on these hypotheses about the smell and the weather, smelling the weather, and behavior change.

Hurricanes cause a rise in Nitrogen, and also a rise in murder cases.

(Wikipedia, N.D.)

The eyes of the killer show a direction they look at and tell something about their acting onto things.

(Imgur, N.D.)
(Real crime, 2020)

The act of the killer

(Real crimes, 2020)

“They” act because of the government, it is a nazi technique.

(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2017)

It also is like bandura kids experiments

(Everywhere psychology, 2012)

The scientific laws

Males are most often the killer. The killer is also a lot of the time someone we know.




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