You have to do what you want: The input needs to be controlled, by you. — It is your mind, your body, and your soul. Your plan with the Gods.

We, adults, only have the duty to help you achieve that. That’s human rights duty.

We need to study to find all these scientific laws and to understand them all together, to find what does force us, and how true freedom works. But we cannot be the force demanding people to do what we want them to do. Free will is a duty. Also, children are competent by law and born with human rights. We do have the duty to help them get their will done, and the human rights, including no violations, no pretending they are not capable, nor any twist in the human rights, where all the articles count at the same time, closing any gap, that seems to be there.

All must be done in the extension of the home, no one is owned by anyone, also not by the state, country, a region they live in, that would be exploitation of someones home and passport, while these are only meant to get the human rights, like a basic need provider, where all get their passport to have the way to demand their human rights, also children, as all human, including children, are competent, and born with the human rights. This is demanded by human rights, it is not our choice, but duty (Ruggiero, et al, N.D.).

Locals are not allowed to exploit this, they must give what you want and ask for, respecting who you are, and your authentic, autonomous self.

Same time, there is no right to pretend in other ways. You need the right input. Working people with wrong input, are more damaging, than at home parents with some “faults”. As they abuse the jobs, and they are the service to be correct, helping, if you need them. Also, it is taking children from the extension of the home, while they have to stay in that extension of the home, to have their own rights, knowing who they are, and to live stable. But these faults cannot be crimes, like violating human rights. Also, at the same time, it is not true some working people will know the truth, they only know it when they know it, not per se, because we want them to know it. Working is not per se better than parents. The goal is kids at home, parents with the kids, as the adult world, engaged with the kids, without interference, influences, from others.

The true nature, the truth in science finding the truth in nature, as science means to find the true nature in things. This means science is a process. Someone wondering, questioning, researching, finding answers to questions they have tested with hypotheses and experiments and found the true math formula, and scientific laws, so everyone can find that same truth, forever, and always, at all times.

The mind of every person is such a process, in nature, we have the same situation, people wondering, questioning, researching, and trying to prove what they found is true. The best at this process will find a hypothesis and prove with math formula, so all can copy the same findings, and will find the same answers, at all times (Hachmer, 2020, Lesson: What is science?).

Some believe copying ancestors is the best, it is about the same, when you copy what worked best. They studied it together and kept the things that let us survive.

Some believe we should copy prophets, this could be the best when they found the truth, and it is then about the same, copying the best examples, with the best ideas.

Some find it a danger, to not follow these examples, as God told them so, and we should not test this out, else we lose the truth, ruining the direct connection with God.

It is about the same, studying nature, studying people and not interrupt, interfere, not change what people do, but understand what they do. You can test out without interrupting, but this needs knowledge, ethics, sciences, able to be cautious and still find the feasibility, and science in things, the nature in things, and check if the person is not off track, pretending to be a God-given answer, etc, or abusing position.

Not letting you free, no matter what system created, is exploitation, fraud, violating human rights, human trafficking, etc, a crime.

Some can say, then, when we know, we serve God best, if he is there.

All comes down to, knowledge, ethics, and surviving in the best ways, did we find that answer.

Humans are within themselves guessing(Purves, N.D.), born depending, becoming autonomous, needing the help to become, but this has to be done without interference, without forcing to do what we want them to do.

We have a duty to understand the other person and to help them be who they are, help them get their will done, help them get their human rights. Everyone is equal and competent, also, children.

We must do the truth, the best to survive. Purpose helps us survive (Hachmer, 2020, The secret of surviving: purpose. Why do people have a purpose?). We need to know everything that helps us survive best.

We all mean to truly be the best, to truly serve the best. We do need to find the answers and find a good development track, our own route, personal, and free, and still do the best, and at our own pace, and in our own time, if we can, if nothing bad is more important to solve first.

It is why human rights protect your rights to be yourself, without interference, at all times, also as a child.

We need to work on that, that all children are free, none abuse their vulnerability and the families. Respecting the extension of the home, without our own ideas we put onto them, because we want to earn, and want them to believe us.

We can force clothes on, by taking kids away if they do not have it, but we can also give them free clothes, and the best clothes, also sustainable, and the most sophisticated idea of clothing, not a cheap way of clothing second hand, and without closing the gap between rich and poor. Where at all times, this must be free, the people their own choice, and what kids truly want, themselves.

All comes down to how we do things, and letting them free, and serve, instead of finding a way to put things onto others, nor to force them into a way we want, nor pretend this is it, there are more ways. A poor person might say something else, about what is it, and a person thinking of the environment says something else, also one who exploits.

Our future depends on how well we humans do science, evidence-based arguments, and making informed decisions (Hachmer, 2020).

We need to understand how people use their motives, their work, and twist through work, to do crimes through work, to get people to do what they want. Also, we need to understand the rest of the people has another motive and is not wanting to be criminal.

We need to truly understand all people.


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