Feed the Birds, With Florida Native Plants!

By Sue Scott

Here at the Conservancy, we are surrounded by south Florida native plants, in human-created landscapes and in natural ecosystems. They all provide food and shelter to year round to native and migratory animals.

One that is absolutely spectacular in color this time of year is American Beauty Berry, callicarpa Americana.

The berries of beauty berry are prized by so many species of birds, the shrub acts like a natural bird feeder. In fact, the best way to feed the birds and welcome wildlife into your landscape is by planting a variety of Florida native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses.

To see more, be sure to visit the Conservancy and take a walk along one of our many trails, or along Christopher B. Smith Preserve, where you can see gopher tortoises, pileated woodpeckers, native wildlfowers and scores of many species of butterflies.

Click below to learn more about what you’ll see at the Conservancy Nature Center.

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